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Jerry, Auto Mechanic
Category: Ford
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Experience:  Mechanic with over 30 years experience with N.Y.P.D. fleet service division
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Ford Focus 2003 steering wheel vibrates (not car) after 50 mph, not on braking. Wheel alig

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Ford Focus 2003 steering wheel vibrates (not car) after 50 mph, not on braking. Wheel alignment, front end alignment checked- all ok. Side to side wobble in both wheels when lifted up on jacks and car running. Replaced tires/rims failed to fix. Ball joints and tie rod ends checked ok at shop. Any ideas?

Jerry : If you see a noticeable wobble in the wheels ,and you already replaced the wheels and tires, then the problem has to be runout at the hub flange, the part thatb wheel is mounted against.



How do I check for runout at the Hub? The outer wheel axle has normal play in it, compared to my wife's Toyota Corolla. Both wheel axles where replaced by mechanic about 30K miles ago and look good.




Maybe I need to give you more info on how this all started. Son was driving this car when the timing belt tensioner and belt broke and he had to have the car towed to our house. The harmonic balancer was replaced with the tensioner and belt. Much improvement was noticed after harmonic balancer was replaced, but still very bad vibration.

Jerry : The runout is checked using a dail indicator. This will show if the hub flange is bent. The maximum allowable runout is .050". The test is done by mounting the base of the indicator gage to a a solid part of the suspension such as the lower control arm, then the tip of the gage is put in contact with the face of the hub and the gage set to zero. Then then as the hub is turned by hand the needle on the gage will,deflect as the low or high spot contacts the gage tip.

Thanks Jerry, I will pursue this test and check for a bent Hub Flange.



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Thank you, you may be able to rent or borrow this tool at some of the larger auto parts stores,good luck with it.