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Ford Expedition: Have a shift cable with a broken sheath.

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Have a shift cable with a broken sheath. (think it from me pulling dash to change heater core last night). Truck wont shift correctly because the cable binds. (Where the break is the actual cable pushes out instead of down the sheath. Doesn't seem to be that hard to change, but any tips or tricks to it before I start? Or, any chance I can fix the cable?

Hi, I’m Chris. Welcome and thanks for asking your question!


Directions for replacing the cable are shown below.

Hints for the replacement, the ends are held on via ball and socket you can pry them off with 2 screwdrivers or a pair of needle nose pliers. if you have problems adjusting the linkage let me know so I can assist. I will need to know which transmission you have.


I do not believe you can repair this with something to cover the area and hold it tight enough but still allow for easy movement.




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God Bless, Thanks Chris

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX I am going to have to pull one from a scrap yard, so any other things you can think of to remove it? Any torque head screws, or odd stuff like that? I will look on mine before I go but hate to not have the right tool once I get there. Also, I will have to drop the steering column to disconnect the top side, right?

Thanks for following up.


This is going to be a pretty easy job. I would say the most difficult part which is actually simple is getting the rubber boot correctly sealed in the floor, it takes effort from above and below going back and forth a couple times.


No wild and crazy special tools at all needed.


You should not need to drop the steering column, you should be able to lay upside down in the floor board to get it disconnected.


I can do this with one small flat blade screwdriver and one pair of needle nose in about 15 minutes if no adjustment is needed.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am at the scrap yard to get a shift cable. Do you kbow what other vehicles would have same cable?

Do you know which transmission you have 4R70 or 4R100?


Without knowing the trans model, the F150, Expedition, Navigator 97-03 should work, but I need to verify that first.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Not sure which one and am not there. I think I recall when I got a filter kit though it was odd cause it was a 14 bolt pan not 221 like others? Hope that makes sense. Also u just pulled one from a 97 expedition 4x4 but is seems a couple inches longer otherwise exactly the same. Will this work?

Longer is okay as long as we are only talking about 1-4 inches. Make sure the ends that hold the sheath to the vehicle are the same connection style.


You look to have the 4R70 transmission which is a more square pan with the 2 rear corners of the angled off.


This is the part number you need, plus the price.


Based on the part number I only show the 97-98 and early 99 F150 and F250 light duty w/ 4r70 trans and Expedition compatible.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Got the cable all back in, but i guess it is going to need adjustment. I got it into park when I put it in. Now I doesn't want to move, but the little it moves kicks it into reverse, I cant move the shift lever anyplace else. I blocked the tires, went underneath and pushed the lever back into park. So how do I adjust this? And was correct on the tranny, just as you described square pan with rear corners angled off.

See the adjustment steps below. I will be offline after this till tomorrow.

Download here

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