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2008 Ford F250 Diesel, 6.4 lt. Periodically, truck won start.

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2008 Ford F250 Diesel, 6.4 lt. Periodically, truck won' start. Power available but doesn't turnover. Wrench sign show up on dash. At home plug in computer reads code P0088. Dealer can't duplicate problem and states they can't find any codes in computer.

Dealer is suggesting they clean EGT connectors and go through harness. In addition, they suggested the PCM is reprogrammed.

Is PCM reprogramming under warrany i.e. Extended program? Why can't they get the P0088 code that my compute readon the truck?
Hello Just Answer customer-
I am a Ford Diesel Master Certified Technician. I am here to help you repair your vehicle.

The p0088 code is a fault in the pcv/fcv valves in the high psi fuel pump. Typically we replace the high psi pump(under the turbos). However Ford just came out with a pcm reprogram that they say will fix the problem. It is scheduled to be a TSB very soon. Reprogramming the pcm is not covered under warranty. You should only pay 1 hour for the reprogram. The TSB is not out yet but the recent Ids update will be all you need to reprogram the Pcm. Let me know if this fixes the light. I am curious to see if it will work. I just replaced a pump last week for that code.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
when will new reprogramming for pcm be available? should waot for new update before pay for reprogramming? dealer wants to reprogram pcm now.
As long as their Ids has the latest update from ford it will work. Here is the Tsb #, It was just released. Keep in mind this is not covered by warranty. Tsb 12-7-7. It says it needs Ids update 79.05 or higher. You should expect to pay no more than 1 hour for this.