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Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer: 1995 ford explorer transmission

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1995 ford explorer transmission od light flashing?
Hello, I will try to help. Let me ask you a couple of questions, When the transmission shift's to third gear, around 25 to 30 mph do you feel the transmission slipping, or does it shift into 3rd gear normally and doesn't slip? also, Have you checked the fluid level and condition? Is the fluid dark and smells burned, or is the fluid fine?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
trans dosn't slip when shifting up. down shifting it falls into a lower
gear with a hard clunk. Trans fluid level is full mark and clear with no

OK, the reason the O/D light is flashing, Is because there is a code stored in the on board computer system relating to the transmission. it's likely that code is for turbine speed sensor, or solenoid fault, or vehicle speed sensor. But, you will need an advanced type scanner to read off the codes and get into the transmissions data stream. a regulator obd ii type scanner will not work. In my opinion the internals of the transmission are most likely fine, which is good. You may get out for a couple hundred dollars on a repair, If the valve body has to be serviced however, it will be more than that. Vavle body gaskets are known to split and blow out on that transmission, but I believe your's is fine or you would notice a slipping condition. If you do not have a scanner or access to a scanner to read off the trouble codes, I would suggest Aamco transmissions. As they specialize in transmission repair and know your unit very well. I believe you O/D light flashing has everything to do with your harsh shifting concern, so reading of the codes is the first step to correctly diagnosing the problem. Aamco also gives a national warranty on their work.
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