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1998 Ford Escort SE: troubleshoot AC not working

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In a little-used 1998 Ford Escort Wagon, where the AC hasn't worked for more than a year and, it appears that the AC clutch is not working (no visible spin), is the problem likely to be either the C147 CCRM module, or the REPC507801 multi-purpose relay, or either one? Is there a simple test (e.g., bypass, or voltage check) which can determine which of these is faulty, if not the compressor itself? Thanks for any help! -- EBSkolnick, Upper Marlboro MD

P.S.  I thought about checking freon pressure, in case it had leaked out below some safety cutoff relay setting, but have not yet done so; can a simple test like momentarily pressing in on a Schroeder-type valve stem (hi or low pressure side) indicate if the refrigerant pressure is still close to normal?

P.P.S.  Note alswo, I was already charged $29 on PayPal, not a $1.00 deposit...
Hello, My name isXXXXX will do my best to assist you.

I will honestly say before diving into a ccrm or wiring or sensor problem. you MUST know what the AC pressures are. The slightest drop in pressure say under 70/psi, engine and AC off, the compressor will NOT kick on

You can push the schrader but tells you nothing other than some freon in it. NO way to know if full as needed so compressor will come on

My thought>? you are low on R 134 ( freon)

I would get a simple DIY 134 kit at parts store. comes with a cheap type of gauge but surely will work for this. Hook it up, if not in the green zone? then add a can till in the green zone,.

I really am thinking low on 134

I dont want you to do all types of probing /tests etc only to find out low

No real simple test as the AC is computer controlled
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I understand -- but I do need you to answer also, if the problem is not inadequate refrigerant pressure, how can I isolate it to one or another among the mentioned electrical relays? Internet postings suggest these could be the problem in a 1998 Ford Escort -- e.g., see URLs [] and []...
Ok, yes,, the CCRM is a relay box up near radiator. its has several built in relays. fuel pump, PCM, cooling fan and compressor etc

its kind of a main relay box.

yes the CCRM can fail. We have replaced them,

Its not going to be a fuse problem as if any CCRM fuse blew, engine would not run
There is NO easy test for the CCRM

I am saying you MUST be sure pressures are up to specs. if so? and no compressor or fan? then you test the black/white wire leaving the CCRM with AC on

If power? then bad compressor clutch

if no power? then could be the CCRM has failed

You also have to be sure you have power through the pressure switches on the orange/green wire at low pressure switch on drier

that test for good or bad switch

So.. if you turn ac on.jump the low pressure switch on the drier. compressor should come on. If so? bad switch OR what I feel? low on freon

here is CCRM location

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX rating your service as "good" not "excellent", only because you did not comment on the alternative "multifunction relay" discussed at URL: [], which has left me a bit dissatisfied. But I'll follow your advice, to check pressure first...