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Ford F250 SuperDuty Pickup 4x4: I have an intermitter transmission

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I have an intermitter transmission problem with my 2001 F250 4x4 4R100 transmission. Typically it drives and shifts fine even when pulling a trailer, but occassionally I put it in drive and it won't go.sometimes it will hook up and go a few feet. As soon as the tach hits about 1000rpm it acts like the transmission disengages, let off the gas and ease back up slowly and it will crawl forward fine until you break 1000rpm and it disengages. cycle through this a few times and eventually it drives normal for days and then out of the blue it does it again. No Lights Flashing and no code showing. It always go normal in reverse. This has started about 2 weeks ago. Change the fluid this started and it looked OK, red not brown, no burn odor, and the new fluid didn't seem to have any effect. Any Ideas? Is this a computer problem or transmission problem?
David Hartley

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It sounds like the solenoid is sticking. Have you had it to a shop with diagnostic tools? I would advise going to a local shop with diagnostic equipment that reads solenoid output so you can pin point which one is hanging. After you know the culprit, you can decide where to go from there..


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
If it is a solenoid sticking does it mean a major repair or a quick not to costly repair.(location) inside or out side of transmission. Is there something I could do to test or fix it. I can rebuild engines and gearboxes but I have never worked on a transmission. Don't have a lot of money to spend.
Hello, the solenoid is attached to the valve body in the pan. You can try a good cleaner like SeaFoam to see if it will help. If it doesn't, with your mechanical skills, you should be able to do the swap yourself with a good manual like a haynes or Chilton's. I don't know of a home test you can do. You pretty much need a computer to read the output state of the coil on the solenoid...
Try the cleaner and get back to me...
gtnby2 and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
David, thank you for the prompt payment! If there is anything else that comes to mind that you would like to know just ask.
Take care,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
When I had the transmission fluid and filter changed we added a transmission additive. Will it take a week or two for it to work. The problem only comes up when I'm pulling a trailer or my boat and not all the time. My wife has drove my the last 3 days with no problem. A local mechanic thinks that if a solenoid goes bad it stops working completely. What do you think? This problem is weir that the only time it does it is when after I have backed up with a trailer and then put in drive to take off forward.
Hello David,
The additive will take some time to clean throughly depending on the amount of driving. If you are driving the truck everyday, you should notice some improvement with in a few days. The mechanic is correct about the solenoid if it was bad. They usually dont fade with time either they are weak, good , or bad. I think yours is just sticking in the bore when the line pressure gets so high from backing up with a heavy load. So either it is "gummy" in which case the cleaner should help, or it is weak and it will have to be changed. Ask him if that makes more sense to him.... As I mentioned in the previous post, I would still take it to a shop that can test the output state and I would try and duplicate the problem for the shop so they can see what is going on "live". If they test it and it is shifting "normally", the test will come back ok. Can you get it to act up by putting it in reverse and holding the brake while gassing on the throttle? Doing that would simulate the truck trying to back up a heavy object. If you can get it to do it like that, it would be easier to get a reading when the shop is trying to test it...
Post back when you get any news....
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes Sir :-)
Hey Dave, just wondering why I have received a poor service rating?? Was there something else you needed? I dont understand.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did not want to pay for the same Q again
Ok but for future reference you dont have to rate answers... either youit accept the answer or not. it hurts us experts with having creditability with new customers... If you rate negitively it hurts my ability to help others and it looks like I am not a good person to talk too. Whats done is done; it can't be changed..... Im sorry for the misunderstanding.