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2000 ford windstar: 3.8...I put a new fuel pump and fuel filter in it

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2000 ford windstar 3.8. No fuel pressure, I put a new fuel pump and fuel filter in it. I got fuel pressure now, but now its dumping massive amounts of fuel into the clylinders . I changed the pressure regulator & changed the PCM, but I had to put the old PCM back in. Because it wouldn't get fuel with the new PCM. & I still can't get my vehicle to start properly. Can you help me out please? with any answers that can assist me with getting my car/van fixed.

There are only three reasons that your fuel delivery/fuel injection system could possibly be "dumping massive amounts of fuel into the cylinders".


  1. your injector control circuits are shorted to ground
  2. Your injectors are all stuck open (not very likely)
  3. Something like a faulty mass airflow sensor or throttle position sensor is "telling" the computer to open all of the injectors.

With all that said, I highly recommend that you scan your onboard engine control computer and look at all of the input and output data to the computer to figure out exactly what is going on. There is very likely to be Diagnostic Test Codes (DTCs - also known as "fault codes") that will lead you directly to the source of the problem.


Looking at the input and output data can help even if there are no DTCs stored.

If you do not have access to the proper equipment to do this, or do not have the experience or service information available for you to do this, then I highly recommend that you take the vehicle to a professional in your area that can do these things.


Once the actual cause of the problem has been properly diagnosed, then you might want to make a decision to try to save some money by performing the actual repairs yourself. However, I believe you will be a lot of money and frustration ahead to have it at least, DIAGNOSED professionally.


There are many experts on this site that are very well qualified to give you instructions on how to make the repairs if you know what is causing the problem. However, it is nearly impossible to tell you what to fix until proper diagnosis has been performed, and the CAUSE of the problem is located.


If there is any other information or advice I can give you about this problem please let me know. My goal is to provide the best online auto repair guidance and advice available anywhere. It is very important to me that you feel that you have received excellent value for your money and I will do anything I can to make that happen.

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