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what is code p2463 and code po40d for 2008 f550 6.4

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what is code p2463 and code po40d for 2008 f550 6.4

Hello my name isXXXXX the P040d is usually the egr temp sensor is bad, this will cause a lack of power, the 2463 is for soot accumulation in the DPF filter, I would repair the P040d code first then see if the 2463 remains, the vehicle may need to be driven to burn the ash accumulation that is in the dpf filter to clear the 2463, here are the code descriptions, any more questions just ask, thanks Steve W

Here is for code 2463
The powertrain control module (PCM) monitors the
diesel particulate filter for a very high restriction. The test fails during
normal vehicle operation when the diesel particulate filter pressure is greater
than a maximum amount. The PCM immediately illuminates the malfunction indicator
lamp (MIL), limits engine performance, and sets the DTC. This DTC may inhibit
the diesel particulate filter regeneration.

  • Excessive amount of soot or ash in the diesel particulate
  • Diagnostic

    Excessive amount of soot or ash in the diesel
    particulate filter may be caused by extended engine idle operation after the
    DRIVE TO CLEAN EXHAUST message is displayed on the instrument cluster. Refer to
    the Owner's Literature for additional information on the instrument cluster
    Check for other DTCs.

    Here is code P040d
    When the EGRT sensor signal is higher than the
    specified value, an increment counter advances until the DTC is

  • EGCIT circuit short to voltage

  • EGCIT circuit open

  • EGRT sensor
  • Diagnostic

    This DTC is set when the EGRT sensor signal
    voltage is greater than 4.65 volts for greater than 5 seconds
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