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proautotech, Ford Mechanic
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2008 f-350: 6.4 deisel engine..code reader..overdrive..temp sensor

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my 2008 f-350 with the 6.4 deisel engine just stopped code reader says,P1780 overdrive switch, P200E cat sys over temp, P2002 particulate trap efficiency below threshhold, P2420 exhast gas temp sensor cicuit high. how can i fix this

proautotech :

Thanks for trusting us with your problem. I have trained in the automotive field and currently work as a shop foreman. I will be helping you today.

proautotech :

P2002 - Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)

Description:The powertrain control module (PCM) monitors the efficiency of the diesel particulate filter for a concern. The efficiency of the filter is determined by the amount of restriction in the filter for a certain exhaust flow rate. The diesel particulate filter is preconditioned for 5,000 km (3,107 miles) before the PCM begins to monitor the level of restriction. The test fails when the measured level of restriction is less than the expected level calculated by the PCM.
Possible Causes:

  • Dirty air cleaner element

  • Recent manual or thorough diesel particulate filter regeneration

  • Aftermarket accessories and performance modifications

  • Modified tailpipe

  • Exhaust leaks before or near the diesel particulate filter pressure sensor

  • Leaks in the diesel particulate filter pressure sensor connecting hose

  • Damaged diesel particulate filter

Diagnostic Aids:Check for leaks in the exhaust system. Check for aftermarket exhaust accessories and performance modifications that decrease the exhaust restriction. If a new diesel particulate filter was recently installed, verify the diesel particulate filter parameter reset procedure was carried out.
proautotech :

P200E - Catalyst System Over Temperature (Bank 1)

Description:The powertrain control module (PCM) monitors the exhaust gas temperature bank 1, sensor 2 (EGT12) and exhaust gas temperature bank 1, sensor 3 (EGT13) sensors for an over temperature concern. If the EGT12 sensor temperature is greater than 830°C (1,526°F) or the EGT13 sensor temperature is greater then 950°C (1,742°F), the DTC is set. This DTC causes the PCM to immediately illuminate the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) and enter a torque reduction failure mode effects management (FMEM), which may result in engine shutdown. Once the engine is shut down, the PCM prevents the engine from restarting for 1 hour. If the EGT13 sensor is not working, the engine will not start.
Possible Causes:

  • Diesel particulate filter regeneration occurred during heavy load and high ambient temperature conditions

  • Excessive amount of soot or ash in the diesel particulate filter

  • Damaged EGT12 sensor

  • Damaged EGT13 sensor

  • Coolant contamination of the exhaust system

  • Oil contamination of the exhaust system

Diagnostic Aids:Diagnose other DTCs first. Check the EGT12 and EGT13 PIDs. If no other DTCs are present, the system is operating correctly at this time. Advise the customer of the conditions that may cause this DTC.
proautotech :

P1780 Transmission Control Switch Out Of Self-Test Range - With Automatic Transmission

Possible CausesSetting Conditions

  • TCS not cycled during the self-test

  • TCS connector is damaged (check pins for damage and moisture)

  • TCS circuit is open

  • TCS circuit is shorted to ground

  • TCS is damaged

  • PCM has failed

proautotech :

Do you have any aftermarket items?

proautotech :

Do you have any aftermarket items?

proautotech :

You can reply by hitting enter

proautotech :

Do you have any aftermarket items?

You can reply by hitting enter

proautotech :

CAI and airbox programmer?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i have no aftermarket items. oil just changed and air filter.

when engine stopped the only way i could restart was to short on wire by battery.what further checks can i do?

What do you mean short the wire to the battery?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
even with code erased i had to start truck by unplugging wire on right side of engine compartment and putting 12 volts to it the truck starts and all is okay till i try going up hill or a short distance on flat.
I believe you may have a bad catalytic convertor. This is driving up the EGT readings which is causing the two codes above. The transmission switch is causing the other code. Engine is getting to much backpressure from the exhaust system. It cannot perform correctly when the system is plugged. I would try dropping the cat see if the vehicle performs flawlessly other than the transmission switch code. If so replace the cat and the transmission switch.
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