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2006 f150: fuel gauge, map lights, visor lights and dome light..fuses

Customer Question

2006 f150. fuel gauge, map lights, visor lights and dome light not working? all fuses are fine. Is there a history of a short or corrosion somewhere?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  marcpod replied 5 years ago.

marcpod :

Hi I am here to help you honestly and with the utmost integrity.I may ask you questions back to minimize bad information. We need to check process. No there is not.

marcpod :

sounds like to me there may be a short behind the instrument cluster or in the steering column.

Expert:  marcpod replied 5 years ago.
Check that wiring on the fuel pump make sure everything is good to go. Again it sounds like its in the instrument cluster.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

That's a pretty broad statement. I figured that already....a short / no ground somehwere. Although a short should have blown the fuse right? A faulty ground is more likely correct? Now, what I need to know is the process to track the ground/short. Readings at the tank are good. I had seen similar posts/problems on a ford forum...are you aware of this being "oh, those trucks have a history - look at the connections at..."

That was a prior issue with the elec seat and mirrors inop. in the harness, factory just did a splice and it got corroded. found that right under passanger door jamb. but it was common knowledge of problem / solution