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2001 Mustang: gear shift gets stuck in park..turn signal stick

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I have a 2001 Mustang and the gear shift gets stuck in park and I have no brake lights. I can "wiggle" the turn signal stick and the brake lights will come on and I can shift out of park. How do I correct this problem and after wiggling the turn signal, does that mean I have brake lights while driving? (no one has honked at me otherwise, but I would like to confirm)
Hi, great question. Based on symptoms, seems like you may have 2 brake lamps starting to fail (which will cause concern, and may start after wiggling turn signal, use same bulbs), or a bad brake on off switch located on the brake pedal mechanism. First I recommend removing both rear brake lamp bulbs and examining, if either or both show signs of a broken filimant, replace both. If both visually look okay, and when pressed turn on, get a flashlight and look at the switch located directly on the brake pedal linkage, should be fairly obvious. Usually on the pin that goes through the pivot point, about 2-4 inches above the pedal. If wiring around here looks good and certain no brake lamps come on when problem happens, replace this switch. Thanks!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did what you advised and after replacing the brake light switch --- the brake lights work and I can easily shift out of park again!!!!!! Thank you for your help!