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1990 F150: bypass the ignition switch..linkage..busted..toggle switch

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I need to bypass the ignition switch because the linkage from the key is busted and I don't want to replace the whole thing for an old bush beater. To put a toggle switch for power and push button for the starter in instead, what color wires from the original ignition switch would go to the toggle and push button? It's a 1990 F150. Thanks

Hi this is Al, You can just mount an universal ignition switch in the dash from your local parts store. Here is the wiring diagram for the ignition switch. I hope this helps, Al


Click here for diagram

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Al, This website seems to take forever... did you get my last bit of information about connections and colors? I'd really like to accept this answer once you clear up my last little bit of detail.


Keep up the great work.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Bah... Seems you didn't get it... so here it is again.


I'm a long ways from a parts store, but have a toggle and push button. So...

One yellow "always hot"wire goes to the toggle, with the Gy/Y and R/LG on the output side. The other yellow always hot would go to the push button, with the other side being the R/LB wire, Correct?

That would be correct, Al
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