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ps1067, Ford Technician
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Ford f 250: 1995 f 250 powerstroke started running rough ichanged

Resolved Question:

1995 f 250 powerstroke started running rough ichanged computer fuel pump cam sensor fuel pressure regulator oil and filter now i cant get fuel to engine to run
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  ps1067 replied 5 years ago.
does the fuel pump pump fuel? Remove the fuel filter and crank the engine and see if it starts to fill the bowl. If not remove a line after the fuel pump and crank the engine and see if the pump pumps fuel out of it. lets see what happens from here
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the fuel pump pumps fuel it will fill bowl
Expert:  ps1067 replied 5 years ago.
You should get a bit of smoke (unburned fuel) out of the exhaust while cranking. If it does its getting fuel and should run. Check glow plugs. If it does not smoke its not getting fuel. May be unable to build high pressure oil to fire injectors but if it ran before it should start after you get the oil out.Does it try to start at all or smoke at all?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I know it is not getting fuel, that is the problem. What do I need to look for that will shut the fuel off? The oil pressure gauge comes up when trying to crank. Glow plug are in good condition. What do you mean by "get the oil out" ? Truck does not try to start at all and does not smoke.
Expert:  ps1067 replied 5 years ago.
sorry about that i meant get the air out. The oil gage is just showing the low pressure system not the high. If the engine does not smoke while cranking you are not getting fuel. This could be caused by the fuel supply itself or oil pressure for whatever reason. Sometimes you nave to crank a long time with your foot to the floor but I bet you have tried that already. You can check the High pressure oil reservoir to see if its full I'm sure it is OK because it fills by the low pressure system. The reservoir is located on the top front of the engine above the water pump where the high pressure oil pump is bolted under that plastic cover. There is a small plug there that points up you can remove to check the oil level. It must be 1 inch from the top. The oil in these engines must be good because thick oil causes the injectors not to fire. The oil is thickest when its cold. Sometimes an engine miss will go away just by changing the oil. I have seen many trucks that would not start and no injectors would fire because of oil condition. I just use an engine flush or transmission oil or something like that in the oil. Even a little bit of diesel fuel in the oil will work. just let it Idle for 15 min. or so and it will clean the injectors out then change the oil. Only idle the engine and do not drive it because that will put a load on the engine and cause engine ware. In these cases I get the engine started with gasoline. I put in on a rag and soak it. It takes a few ounces. The crank it. It may start and die a few times before the oil works its way around. DO NOT use starting fluid. The glow plugs can light it and cause engine damage. You need fuel with starting fluid. Gas will not hurt the engine unless you put allot. Like a quart so that should help the engine get started. You can also put the flush in that high pressure reservoir to try to thin the oil to get it started. Dirty oil causes the injectors to stick so keep it clean. simply changing the oil wont work because the thick oil is still in the high pressure reservoir. Let me know what happens from here. Remember its just fuel, air and timing.
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