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Ford F350 Pickup: My 1995 F350 7.3 turbo diesel started running

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My 1995 F350 7.3 turbo diesel started running very rough yesterday and it just got worse today. It starts up fine but on the road it flutters, loses power, then recovers and runs good then loses power again. It is especially bad on hills. I have changed out the fuel filter and put additives in the fuel tank in case the diesel fuel was bad. Nothing worked. Jimmy
Hello and thank you for your question. The symptoms you are describing are exactly what happens when the connectors through the rocker cover gaskets begin to overheat and cause melt damage! Unplug the electrical connectors at each of the rocker cover gaskets and inspect for damage, I suspect that you will find some type of heat damage in one of them! If you do not, you will need to remove the rocker covers and inspect the electrical connection on the underside of the rocker covers as this is where the problem usually begins! If you do find heat damage, you will need to replace the rocker cover gaskets and the under valve cover electrical harnesses, and depending on the extent of the heat damage, you may also need new terminal ends on the engine harness that connects to the rocker cover gaskets!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is this something I could do myself or should I take it to mechanic. If I should take it in, about how much will this cost?
I do not know how much mechanical experience you have! If you know how to get your valve covers off, it will be simple! If you were to bring it to the dealer, they will more than likely charge a diagnostic fee of between 150 and 200 dollars and then probably a parts and labor charge of 4-500 more for the repair! If you do it yourself, you will only pay for parts to the tune of about 150 dollars if you get the rocker cover repair kits from Napa auto parts! You too must also understand that I have given you the most likely cause of the symptom that you are having, and in this forum, there will be the need for some actual physical inspection on your behalf to confirm that the rocker cover gasket connection is the cause of the concern!
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