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Marty, Ford Technician
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Experience:  Ford Senior Certified. 20 years experience. Certified training in: driveability, electronics, etc.
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Ford F150 Pickup: 2005 ford f150 parking brake light stays

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2005 ford f150 parking brake light stays on the light will occasionaly go off onits own but usualy stays on all the time.... i tried un pluging the parking brake switch it still stayed on....tried unpluging the switch at the master cylinder it still stayed on .....on a side note i would have thought that atleast 1 of the 3 wires going to the fluid level switch would have had +12 volts but none of them did and one was a ground ........the crapy circuit diagram in the haynes manual seems to sugjest that the two none ground wires should be shorted in normal condition so i tried that and still no change
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Here is the pinpoint test for the brake indicator staying on.
It is not uncommon for the instrument cluster to be the concern. I have had to replace the cluster a few times for this concern. Follow the steps and your diagnosis will be accurate. Follow pinpoint (K) LINK
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