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how do I tell which ABS sensor is bad?

Customer Question

how do I tell which ABS sensor is bad?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Canadafix replied 5 years ago.
Welcome to Just Answer.

The B1230 is a rear ABS sensor code.
This sensor is mounted on the rear differential case.
You can see it in the diagram below to the right of where the rear driveshaft enters the differential, as well as the resistance values.
Easy to change and Autozone should stock the sensor.
It is held in with a bolt and pulls out of the case after removal. Fairly common problem.
Make sure to check the wiring harness to it for abrasion/breaks and the connector for water intrusion/corrosion.

The B1102 is not listed in service codes.

Your questions or comments on this are welcomed.
Thank you,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
which tells me whether it is the right or left sensor? and I don't see C3 unless it is the picture below C2
Expert:  Canadafix replied 5 years ago.
Hello. Thank you for the reply.

There is only one on the rear of your Explorer.
This is because there is only one brake line that hooks into the rear axle and is divided to each rear wheel.

Inside the rear differential case mounted on the crown gear there is a toothed wheel that passes the end of this sensor.
As this ring passes by it creates a small voltage the ABS computer is able to determine wheel speed.

There are sensors on each front wheel however.

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Expert:  Canadafix replied 5 years ago.
Look at the diagram of the rear differential at the bottom left of the diagram.
There you see the resistance test being hooked up to the sensor.