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Canadafix, Canadian class A certified
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94 ford ranger: cyl..timeing belt. it is as hard to replace as a chain

Resolved Question:

i have a 94 ford ranger with a 4 cyl. i am wanting to know how to replace the timeing belt. it is as hard to replace as a chain?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Canadafix replied 5 years ago.
Welcome back to Just Answer.

Not as difficult as timing chains can be.
There are a couple of special tools needed to do this on your Ranger.
Camshaft Belt Tension Adjusting Tool T74P-6254-A
Synchronizer Positioner T93P-12200-A

Removal of the parts in front of the timing cover will be necessary.

Align crankshaft so number on piston is at Top Dead Center (TDC) as indicated by timing mark.

Remove outer timing belt cover.
If you attempt to remove timing belt or adjust tension without loosening both timing belt tensioner adjusting bolt and spring pivot bolt, you will break Camshaft Belt Tension Adjusting Tool when you attempt to relieve tension on belt.

Loosen timing belt spring pivot bolt. Do not remove.


Hold tensioner with Camshaft Belt Tension Adjusting Tool.

While holding tensioner, loosen adjusting bolt and gradually release spring tension.

Using adjusting tool, PRY tensioner AWAY from belt. While holding, tighten adjusting bolt to hold tensioner AWAY from belt.

Remove timing belt.


Remove one spark plug from each cylinder.

If not done:
    1. Loosen tensioner adjusting bolt.
    2. Using Camshaft Belt Tension Adjusting Tool, PRY tensioner CLOCKWISE against spring tension as far as possible.
    3. Tighten adjusting bolt to hold tensioner in RELEASED position.

Align crankshaft so number one piston is at Top Dead Center (TDC) as indicated by timing mark.







Line up the camshaft sprocket timing mark with the inner timing belt cover timing mark, so that the key is pointing DOWN. NOTE: On 49-State, and all Automatic Transmission vehicles, it is not necessary to align auxiliary shaft sprocket.


If vehicle is California Emissions Certified with a Manual Transmission:

Install Synchronizer Positioner into synchronizer.

ROTATE auxiliary shaft sprocket until the synchronizer shutter is against the stop, and the notch of the tool engages the notch of the synchronizer bowl.

Install timing belt over crankshaft sprocket. Then, proceeding COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, over auxiliary shaft sprocket and camshaft sprocket.

Loosen tensioner adjusting bolt allowing tensioner pulley to press against timing belt.

Remove tool from synchronizer. NOTE: When performing the following step, DO NOT ROTATE crankshaft COUNTER-CLOCKWISE as timing belt may jump a cog, putting camshaft or auxiliary shaft out of time.

ROTATE crankshaft two revolutions CLOCKWISE.

Bring crankshaft slowly, without stopping, to number one cylinder firing position (keyway directly UP).

Recheck timing mark alignment. Repeat steps if timing marks are no longer properly aligned.

ROTATE tensioner assembly against bolt with torque wrench up to 41-45 N.m (30-33 ft-lb) and tighten adjusting bolt.

Tighten adjusting bolt to 35-45 N-m (26-33 ft-lb) .
Tighten spring pivot bolt to 40-55 N.m (30-40 ft-lb) .

Install the crankshaft belt guide.

Install the crankshaft position sensor onto the dowel pin and tighten the two longer bolts to 8-12 N.m (6-9 ft-lb) .

Adjust crankshaft position sensor air gap.

Install outer timing belt cover.
Install spark plugs



There you are, hopefully you can make your decision based on that information.
Let me know if you have further questions regarding this.
Thank you,
Canadafix and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you