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2005 Ford F550: front wheel assembly..4X4..locking hub, taken

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hello I need to know the procedure to remove the front wheel assembly on a 2005 Ford F550 super duty 4X4. Do I need any specialty tools.

I've removed the locking hub, taken out the clip inside the hub area. Does anything else in that side need to be removed? I've taken the 4 nuts off the back side that should hold the assembly on.

Should it come out at this point?


Hi, if wanting to remove the front wheel bearing assembly, seems like you have removed all that is needed, Next step it to pry the bearing assembly at the knuckle with two pry bars, and sometimes hitting it with a soft hammer such as a copper hammer. There is a rubber seal that seizes itself to the hub assembly. If auto locking hubs, will be two seals, and even tighter. It basically takes patience and time of working the hub back and forth with two prybars being careful not to damage any seals. Inspect the seals when done, and if damaged, or came apart, will have to be replaced.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello Nick
So if it was brand new for example it should just pull out from the vehicle is that correct? I used a brass hammer on the four bolts on the back plate with the nut on and it didn't move.

You mean to pry behind the inside of the rotor to pull out? Is this what you consider the knuckle area? It should come out with the rotor, inner hub and the long outer hub that is attached with nuts?
Hi, maybe I mis understood. The brake caliper and rotor first need to be removed, brake rotor may be rusted to hub. Next after caliper and rotor is removed, hitting those studs with a brass hammer is a good idea, to get it to move a little. You should see a gap where the hub meets the knuckle. MUST have rotor removed to see or pry on this area. Hitting the inside of the rotor between the studs works, or hitting from the outside using a block of wood works as well. Yes when new much easier, but still has some friction from the rubber seals.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello Nick
I'm not at work right now so I'm going by memory with the parts.
I did take off the calliper but the rotor appears to be part of the assembly from Rotor to flange that the tires bolt onto.

This must be the missing part of removing that from the hub first that i'm missing. After taking out the locking hub with 3 small bolts I pulled out the locking hub assembly. Inside I removed the C clip deep inside. Nothing beyond that at this point. Is there any more to remove from inside there at that point? I did not remove any of the nuts behind the wheel bold flange.
Nope, your in good shape, once auto hub removed, (explains why hub is hard to come off, has a large rubber seal), and one snap ring inside where axle is which you have removed, along with caliper, 4 nuts on rear of bearing, should come out with some force. Part missed was removing rotor. Rotor is just rusted onto the hub. Some penetrating oil, and some force will help remove the rotor. Once the rotor is removed, will beable to see where hub mates to knuckle. Let me know if you have any more trouble, happy to help. I have also reviewed all information given and nothing is missed. The hub bearing is just stuck by the rubber seal, and the rotor siezed to the hub does not help in removal. Thanks!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Does that mean I have to take the nuts off the bolts just past the outer hub that the wheel attaches to? If that did have to come apart that looks like a special thin socket would be needed?
HI, sorry for the delay. Yes if equipped with dual rear wheels, will have to remove the outer hub, No real special socket even though it looks like a tight fit. If your impact socket does not fit, try a chrome Stanley or craftsman 3/8 drive with a 1/2 to 3/8 adapter. If not equipped with dual rear wheels would not need to do this to remove the rotor. This is basically an adapter to extend the front wheels out to shorten the distance variance if equipped with dual rear wheels.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes dual rear wheels. ahhh so that does have to come off first.
yes it does, let me know what you find. Technically could pull it all off together, but when stuck, the rotor covers the part to pry.