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ford f150: f150 will not turn over, battery good. Sometimes

Resolved Question:

f150 will not turn over, battery good. Sometimes turn key few times with clutch in will crank. reason?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  SuperBob replied 5 years ago.
Next time it does not start, open the hood and locate the starter relay on the inner passenger fender, it will have one small wire with a press on style connection, (this is the signal wire that runs through the clutch switch from the ignition switch! This wire will only have power to it in the crank position, provided that the ignition switch and clutch switch are functioning correctly! The other two larger battery wires that are attached deliver battery voltage from the battery to the starter when the signal post receives power! With the symptom active, remove the connection at the signal wire then take a small metallic implement like a screwdriver and touch it to the small post and the large post that goes to the battery positive terminal, If the starter does not crank the engine doing this, take the screwdriver and momentarily jump the two large posts together (this will make a spark if the starter is functioning!) If the starter now cranks over, you need to replace this starter relay, if it doesn't, you need to check the battery cable connections at the starter, if they check out, then restore starter signal wire at the relay, have an assistant hold the ignition key in the start position while you tap the starter with a hammer, if it begins to spin you need to replace the starter! Remember to have the park brake firmly set and the transmission in neutral during all of the above described tests!
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