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DieselTech422, Ford Certified Tech
Category: Ford
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Experience:  Graduated UTI Ford Fact, Ford Senior master certified.
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F-550: 6.0 diesel..starving..accelerator pushed there is no responce.

Resolved Question:

04 F-550 with the 6.0 diesel. The truck will start but soon it will act as if it is starving for fuel. When the accelerator pushed there is no responce. It seem to happen just as it starts to warm up. I'm only able to drive for a few hundred yards.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  DieselTech422 replied 5 years ago.

DieselTech422 :

Hey im travis and i will do my best to help you resolve this concern. This concern could be caused by a lot of different things. could be lack of fuel pressure but would need to check with a fuel pressure gauge to be sure and i can give you fuel pressure specs if you have a gauge to check. It could be a fuel injector control module (FICM) ac/dc converter going bad internally in the module and this is a very common problem. the ac/dc converter in the module takes battery voltage and jumps it up to 48 volts to operate the injectors. when this converter starts going bad it will cause severe lack of power, crank no start, hard start, runs rough type concerns due to the injectors not working properly from lack of voltage. It could also be your accelerator pedal position sensor going bad. ive seen this a few times on this model year. Any possible way you can have access to a scanner to check for codes as this will greatly help us narrow down what system the concern is in and give us a better direction to go in for diagnosis.

DieselTech422 and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the help. I need to find a scanner. What is a good recomendation for one? Aslo what is needed to do fuel pressure testing and how is it done?


I had a steel fuel tank that probably was a 100 gal. I was not able to keep it full so rust had devloped and I relpaced the fuel pump. I just replaced the tank, about year and a half after the pump had been replaced. After the install the fuel gage on the dash is not working. I checked the connections and they seem fine. I belive that there is a sensor of some sort attached to the sending unit where the float is attached to the sending unit. Is it possible to get that part only or do you have to buy a new sending unit?

Expert:  DieselTech422 replied 5 years ago.

To be honest im not all to sure what a good aftermarket scanner would be at a decent price. the better ones are usually pretty expensive. I use the ford specific IDS diagnostic software at work so i never had to get a universal scanner. you can find pretty cheap ones that can just pull codes or you can try to find a really expensive nice one that pulls codes, and lets you view live streaming data. try researching scanners online. For fuel pressure we check you will need to buy and inline fuel pressure line adaptor to connect to a universal fuel pressure gauge. I hooke it up on the feed line right after the fuel pump on the frame rail. the fuel pressure gauge adaptors that i have are from star products and are tool # (74489, and also says on kit TU-443) then find a diesel fuel pressure gauge from star products as well. If you had a metal tank that rusted out you shaould have done the sender along with the tank as ive seen the sender get corroded as well and will stop working. we have always replaced the sender as a complete unit at ford but i think you can possibly find parts where you can piece it together. Id recommend the whole unit though so you can be sure all the wiring is replaced and in good shape as well. Hopefully the pump didnt go bad again since you ran the new pump for so long with the tank still full of rust. Ill give you fuel pressure specs and if you can let me know if you can find codes. let me know if you have any further questions as well about any tools.

6.0L diesel operating fuel line primary pump pressure310-379 kPa (45-55 psi)
Key on, engine running - 6.0L diesel310-379 kPa (45-55 psi)
Key on, engine off - 6.0L diesel0-379 kPa (0-55 psi

DieselTech422 and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you