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John Mc
John Mc, Ford Technician
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Ford Ranger: 1996 ranger 2.3 single cam power steering pump.

Customer Question

1996 ranger 2.3 single cam power steering pump. Has plenty of power boost, but when serpentine belt is off to turn it by hand, seems a little hard to turn. At idle, good assist, also at high speeds of engine, good assist. No leaks. While going through higher engine speeds, at about 2500 rpm and up, sounds like a vacuum line whistle, intermittently....microsenconds apart, in and out of the "whee" which is not related to turning the steering wheel, also sounds when not having a "whee", almost sounds like a torque converter sound of fluid rushing thru a pipe, or your ear close the radiator fan whirr or something like that. Could it be a bad pump, clogged filter anywhere in system, or clogged return line (collapsing?) or high pressure valve? Hate to replace a pump for nothing. With the serpentine belt off, aside from being a little tight in turning by hand, there appears to be no play in internal shaft bearing and also a very smooth bearing . What do you think?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  John Mc replied 5 years ago.

John Mc :

Hi, I am John Mc, a Ford dealer tech. I hope I can help you quickly and accurately. One moment while I work on your problem.

John Mc :

It is very possible. The pump should turn easily on this model. Also there is no filter in the system. Sounds like you may have found your problem.

John Mc :

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John Mc

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