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hardwiredtech, Ford Technician
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Ford Focus SE: Slight vibration at slow take off. Ok... so

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Slight vibration at slow take off.
Ok... so my wife mostly drives the car so I'm not very familiar with it. And recently since the last 2 weeks I notice a slight vibration felt in accel pedal and steering wheel at slow take off. Vibration can be felt at around 1400 rpms and goes away at 1500 to 1600 rpms then very smooth after that. It only does it at take off from 1st gear. Haven't noticed it any other time. Car idles and drives very smoothly. When taking off a little faster, it's not noticeable because it goes to about 2000 rpms right away.
This is not severe, but it's there. Just wondering if it's a normaly characteristic of the car, or if these transmissions or engines are supposed to be like this before I consider going in to the service dept.

Car has 54k mi, automatic transmission, and front passenger side motor mount and transmission mount were recently changed for vibrations at idle.

if you slowly rev it in park, do you feel the same vibration, or only feel it in drive on the slow take offs?
there is a known problem with the rear engine roll restrictor causing a vibration at idle or acceleration in 1st or reverse. this is caused me debris getting stuck between the restrictor and the subframe. there is also an updated part that can be installed a sheild that covers the restrictor and prevents debris from getting lodged in it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No... when in park, I rev engine to those rpms and it's very smooth. Just while driving, and at initial take off after a complete stop. But like I mentioned, it has to be a very slow take off. At regular, not necessarily fast, take off it's not noticeable.

the rear roll restrictor is the only common problem with this vehicle and symptom. it is a TSB from ford so your local dealer should remove and inspect or clean the mount. they will also install the sheild at no cost if your car is still under warranty.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok... so one last question before accepting answer...

Then this should not be a normal characteristic in the car?

It's not very annoying and I'd be willing to pass it off as normal if other cars (like mine) do this.

I know it's still under the drive train warranty (5 yrs / 60k mi), does this cover the roll restrictor and the application of the shield?


Thanks in advance for your help.

it would be normal as long as it doesnt get an worse or change. the roll restrictor problem is a TSB so it should be covered as long as the car is under base warranty. i have heard this before from focus owners but most of them owned 5 speeds and it was always marked and normal.
hardwiredtech, Ford Technician
Category: Ford
Satisfied Customers: 26
Experience: ford certified mechanic
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