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Glow plug light goes off something keeps ticking on the motor and is

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when glow plug light goes off something keeps ticking on the motor and is hard to start
Even though the glow plug light goes off, the glow plug relay will continue to stay energized for up to two minutes! The clicking that you are hearing is most likely caused from one or more glow plugs that have failed! The energy that would have gone to the bad glow plug is now over powering the good ones, and overloading the relay, and it is this that you hear clicking! You need to ohm check all of the glow plugs individually to see if the resistance to ground is between 1 and 2 ohms and replace the one's that are open or have excessive resistance! I would advise that you just replace all of them because if one or a few have failed, it probably will not be very long before the other one's do also and this will save you time in the future!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

are there better replacement glow plugs than others


At the dealer, we use only motorcraft and I have no knowledge of aftermarket glow plug quality! Replacement plugs from ford on this model year of truck will more than likely outlive the truck!
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