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Ford F-150 Lariat: im trying to replace the knock sensor on

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im trying to replace the knock sensor on my 95 f150 v8 5.0, i cannot locate the part on the engine or in any part stores and ford says they quit making it and there are none in stock. how do i locate a new part and how do i find the old one?
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The knock sensor on your 1994 5.0 is located on the passenger side rear of the block. See the diagram. You can purchase the sensor on line at Rock Auto for $27.00 See the enclosed link.
Here is the location .

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank you much i found the part on rock auto. com. i just have a few more questions for you before i am completely happy. 1. is this replacement really as easy as unplug and unscrew and opposite for the new one? i have been experiencing very noticable power loss in my truck and i have checked the plugs and wire dist. cap and rotor new pickup coil in dist.check catalytic converter. new ignition module and got code 225 for knock sensor not detected in dynamics? thanks again
It not to bad to remove its just in a bit of a tight spot to get to. The code 225 is normaly set due to a bad knock sensor. I would also be sure to check ignition timing to be sure its set correctely at 10 degrees before TDC with the SPOUT connector removed.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

are power loss and jerking and slow acceleration symptoms of a bad knock sensor? i brought the truck to ford a month ago or so for a new ignition pickup coil, i assume they would have had to check/set timing when they did that, right?

Yes a know sensor can cause this type of problem . I would recheck the timing just the same. A failing spark plug and or wire can also cause this type of problem. Because your getting the knock sensor code, that would be the correct place to start along with rechecking the ignition timing.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
one last question, is it bad for the engine to drive it with a bad knock sensor. and also the plugs and wires are new.
No it will not usually cause any damage as long as your not getting any spark knock.
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