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2004 F350: 6.0L that is blowing white smoke..exhaust..under load

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I have a 2004 F350 with 6.0L that is blowing white smoke. It doesnt blow white smoke out exhaust though when engine is under load. I just pulled a trailer from MI to MT and when going up hill or going against wind no blowing smoke, when I would crest a hill and start down the other side or if I where driving through town it would blow white smoke to the point you are embaresed. I went through a lot of anticreeze on the trip. I got home and changed the oil and all filters. The oil was thick. I took out the EGR valve and it just looked like a lighter coat of carbon and the valve moved freely. I cleaned it and put it back in and started it up and it still was blowing white smoke but now it has a black oil looking material mixed into the wetness. Could. e oil but I just cleaned with new oil and stuff coming out exhaust is black. Could be carbon but why all of a sudden. Usually if a intercooler goes it goes and isnt tempermental like this one. Any ideas of what it could be or what to check? Thanks
it sounds like you may have a small leak into the egr cooler, what happens is the engine oil cooler becomes slightly restricted due to degraded coolant and restricts the coolant flow through the engine oil cooler, as the coolant that is used to cool the engine oil immediately exits the engine oil cooler it enters the EGR cooler where it is trying to cool extremely hot exhaust gases before they re enter the intake manifold! This super heated coolant and the hot exhaust gases cause the egr cooler to rupture and allow coolant to enter into the egr flow and into the intake manifold, and it also allows for egr pressure to enter into the cooling system and that is what is causing the cooling system to become over pressurized and blow off the holding pressure of the cap! One of the first signs of a blown egr cooler is low coolant level and insufficient heat from the heater! I would advise that you get your egr cooler tested for leakage at your earliest convenience! If you do not and the coolant level gets too low, you will risk the potential failure of your head gaskets
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
so it has been burning white smoke which has only been antifreeze for the last 2500 miles, why all of a sudden would it have a black substance come out after I change the oil. I had the tests done before I left and everything checked out good but that was before it was smoking all the time. What would cause it to smoke only when engine isnt under a load? Trying to figure out the operation of this troubled 6.0. Is an aftermarket EGR cooler advised like Bulletproof?

The substance that you are seeing out the tailpipe is coolant mixed with the normal exhaust coking of the burnt diesel fuel! The leak in the egr cooler is gradually getting worse and using more and more coolant! The reason that you see more smoke on deceleration is probably due to the elevated engine temperature and engine speed under load, where it is evaporated before it exits the tailpipe! Once you coast, you do not have as much heat to burn off the coolant and it will flow out of the tail pipe as steam mixed with normal exhaust fumes! Below is the ford technical service bulletin that would be followed by a ford technician at the dealer to correctly diagnose and repair this concern! I have done enough of these to know that this is exactly what is happening to your truck!


An aftermarket cooler will most likely not be more durable than the factory one, this is due to the fact that it is the oil cooler that is restricted that is causing the EGR cooler to overheat and fail!



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This is a very tricky one. I will get the test done but get this one. I traveled 293 miles against he wind and pulling a load and went through one gallon antifreeze. I drove through downtown minapolis Mn for about an hour and went through 2 gallons. Is there such a thing of an oil cooler flush to help keep it cleaned? What are your recomendations on the service of a 6.0 L to keep it strong and not broke? I like the pickup but dont know much about the 6.0 besides it has lots of problems. Thanks

Yes, the most critical thing that you can do to save your truck from having this happen again after you replace the oil and egr coolers is to flush the cooling system as described in the technical service bulletin! Then when you are finished with the flush and have drained the block of all tap water and iron flush, is to fill the engine with motorcraft premium gold anti freeze, and use an equal amount of distilled water and not tap water! Then you will want to drain and fill your cooling system every two years or less with the same coolant and distilled water mixture!

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