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97 ford contour: 5 spd, shifter stuck in 2nd gear...adjustable..v6

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'97 ford contour, 5 spd, shifter stuck in 2nd gear.
? is this an adjustable cable linkage?
It's a hiperformance v6 motor.

Hi James here. Here is some information on the transaxle external controls.


Transaxle, Manual-External Controls

The manual shift mechanism is made up of the following components:

  • gearshift lever knob (7213)
  • gearshift lever (7210)
  • transmission control selector housing (7220)
  • transmission gearshift rod and clevis (7B140)
  • stabilizer rod
  • gearshift lever boot (7277) assembly

The gearshift lever is connected to the transmission control selector housing and allows the driver to select a gear.

The transmission control selector housing transfers the gearshift lever movements to the transmission gearshift rod and clevis. The transmission gearshift rod and clevis is connected to the shift lever shaft (7C355).

A gearshift stabilizer bar is mounted to the transmission control selector housing and rubber mounted to a bracket at the RH transaxle support insulator.

The stabilizer rod equalizes powertrain movement with the transmission control selector housing and prevents the transaxle from being pulled out of gear by powertrain movement.

Rubber boots are provided for protection of the shafts and for sound insulation. Adjustment of the external linkage is not necessary.




ItemPart NumberDescription
1 6468 Groove Pin
2 7213 Gearshift Lever Knob
3 7E096 Actuator
4 7277 Gearshift Lever Boot
5 7E198 Insulator
6 76037 Flat washer
7 7846 Seal
8 - Cup
9 W500015-S309 Bolt (3 Req'd)
10 W500104-S309 Bolt (2 Req'd)
11 7220 Transmission Control Selector Housing
12 7210 Gearshift Lever
13 7335 Gearshift Lever Socket Bushing
14 W701321S-300 Circlip
15 7C281 Bracket Assy
16 - Bracket (Part of 7C281)
17 7341 Insulator Lever
18 7A188 Bellcrank
19 W701273S-303 Bolt
20 7F111 Reverse and Fifth Relay Lever Pivot Pin
21 7222 Case Cover
22 7B226 Stop
23 7L288 Bushing
24 7288 Shifter Shaft Seal
25 7B140 Transmission Gearshift Rod and Clevis
26 7E350 Gear Change Rod
27 - Shift Rod (Part of 7B140)
28 W700245S-309 Bolt
29 W520001S-309 Nut
30 7L259 Transmission Gear Shift Stabilizer Bushing
31 7F110 Gear Shift Control Shaft Boot
32 - Bolt
33 7L288 Bushing
34 7L258 Gear Change Stabilizer Bar
35 7K183 Damper Assy

Gearshift Linkage


  1. Raise vehicle on hoist. Refer to Section 00-02.

  1. Loosen shift linkage clamp bolt and place transaxle in neutral.


  1. Lower vehicle.

  1. Unsnap boot bezel from console and slide gearshift lever boot up gearshift lever.

  1. Disconnect shift lever housing insulator from retainer and slide up gear shift lever.

  1. Install Gear Lever Aligning Tool T94P-7025-FH onto gear shift lever and rotate top of tool clockwise.

  1. Raise vehicle.

  1. Locate access hole in center of underbody heat shield. Install MTX Shifter Alignment Tool T96P-7B140-A through access hole and into shift lever housing.


  1. NOTE: It may be necessary to move shift linkage slightly to align MTX Shifter Alignment Pin T96P-7B140-A with internal shift lever.



    Screw MTX Shifter Alignment Pin T96P-7B140-A into shift lever housing until hex portion of tool bottoms lightly on shift lever housing.


  1. Tighten shift linkage clamp bolt to 16 Nm (141 lb-in).

  1. Remove MTX Shifter Alignment Pin T96P-7B140-A.

  1. Lower vehicle.

  1. Turn upper portion of Gear Aligning Tool T94P-7025-FH counterclockwise and remove tool.

  1. Install shift lever housing insulator on housing retainer.

  1. Install gearshift lever boot bezel into console.


It seems there are special tools for aligning the mechanism, but you may be able to correct your concern without them.

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