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2002 ford windstar: restarted..idles rough..smoothly..the van

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I have a 2002 ford windstar 3,8. Everytime the engine is turned off then restarted it idles rough until the engine is revved up then it idles smoothly. Also, sometimes while driving, the engine light will start flashing and the engine will run rough and hesitate like there is a loss of power until I stop and turn the van off and restart it. I replaced the Idle control valve twice from advance and then online from RockAuto Parts.I also replaced the IMRC plastic clips which were broken. The EGR valve was replaced two times within a week because that code kept coming up. I finally unplugged it and blocked the vacuum line because it ran rough all the time! Anyone encounter this problem before? Thanks
Hello, My name isXXXXX will do my best to assist you.

My first thought not knowing the code set nor being there is going to be a fuel delivery problem such as dirty injectors OR a possible bad fule pressure regulator but I lean more to injector problem. Once shut down, if any injector is blocked per say at the pintle tip, raw gas will drip into a cylinder. basically flood that cylinder or others and cause misfireing till engine/plugs burn off raw gas. Yes,, you could experience this as well while running. Not knowing code but a flashing light means problem is happening right then and computer is picking up the misfire. so.. you either have a cylinder misfire or random misfire and setting code PO300. Fuel pressure test will 100% confirm if fule pressure drops as it sits so without this info? suspect injector leakage. A full injector flush works real well or additives in gas may work but take longer to do so
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
sorry for the delay ! How would I perform the flush ?
Some parts stores sell the kit that you pipe a real strong chemical through the test port with fule pump disabled. Kind of same as shop uses. OR a shop OR say seafoam or Lucas in the tank but double strength
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