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92 F250: 7.3 diesel..Its idling..rough..hard time starting

Customer Question

My '92 F250 7.3 diesel is havin problems. Its idling very rough and even has a hard time starting. If i stay on the accelerator it will continue to run unless i let off quickly. If i keep the truck moving it wont die on me and i dont have problems keeping it running after ive been down the road a little bit. (i.e. stoplights). It also chugs quite a bit of white smoke while idling. More often than not this happens but not nearly so bad until this last weekend which was the first time i had a hard time starting and keeping it running. Its been parked ever since. Thanks for your time. -Rick
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  AlvinC replied 5 years ago.
Hi this is Al, You most likely have 1 of 2 issues. Get the engine running, while running with a wrench break the fuel lines loose 1 at a time at the injectors, only use the wrench fuel pressure is extremely high here and inject into your skin. The engine should start missing when you break the line loose if it does it is running on that cylinder. If it doesn't change most likely the injector is bad. If all cylinders change you most likely have an injection pump going bad. I hope this helps. If not let me know, Al
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Al,

Thanks for your time responding to me. Ive tried to test it and i cant get the engine to stop missing after i start it up. I dont want to drive it far incase it dies and i cant get it started again or possibly make my problem worse. Is there any chance it could be a fuel pump being that it comes and goes and seems to do much better when the truck is in gear and has a load on it? And what is the cause behind the white smoke?


Expert:  AlvinC replied 5 years ago.
The white smoke is most likely from an injector that is sticking or the injection pump is not providing enough pressure. It is best if you test it while it is missing don't drive it just let it run and crack each line open at each injector 1 at a time. You should notice it run different when you crack the line open if you don't notice a difference that is a cylinder that is causing a miss. Al
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

ah i gotcha. i misunderstood the first message. sounds great. ill give it a try, see if i cant break somethin. ha. Thanks Al. Have a good one.

Expert:  AlvinC replied 5 years ago.
Good luck let me know how it turns out.