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2002 E250 Econoline: procedure for replacement of the heater core..van

Resolved Question:

What is the procedure for replacement of the heater core in a 2002 E250 Econoline van?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  AlvinC replied 5 years ago.

Hi this is Al, Here is the procedure from the workshop manual I hope it helps, If not let me know, Al


Heater Core



NOTE: If a heater core leak is suspected, the heater core must be pressure leak tested before it is removed from the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section 412-00.

  1. Drain the engine cooling system. For additional information, refer to Section 303-03.
  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable (14301).
  1. Disconnect the quick disconnect heater hose couplings at the heater core (18476). For additional information, refer to Section 412-00.
  1. Plug the heater water hoses (18472) with a suitable 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch plug.
  1. Remove the engine cover.
  1. Remove the instrument panel finish panel (044D70). For additional information, refer to Section 501-12.
  1. Remove the heater core cover (18B300).
    1. Remove the seven screws.
    1. Remove the heater core cover.
      • Remove and discard the heater core case seal (18658).
  1. NOTE: Use care not to spill the coolant remaining in the heater core during removal.

    Remove the heater core.


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
    • Lubricate the coolant hoses with MERPOL® meeting Ford specification ESE-M99B144-B or plain water only, if needed
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Internet explorer is not allowing the downloads of the manuals. Can you send them in a PDF or something that I can print?
Expert:  AlvinC replied 5 years ago.

Sorry, Try this I hope it helps, Al


click here

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Does it take a special tool to diengage the hoses from the heater core and can I reach them from the cab to disengage them after I remove the engine cover?

I want to change the anti freeze anyway so would draining the radiator negate the need for the plugs? I'm just wondering on this but is the blowere behind the core, that is when I remove the core will I be able to see the blower or is the blower going to interfer in the removal?

Expert:  AlvinC replied 5 years ago.
Special tools are recommended, but you can remove the hoses by reaching in and squeezing the 2 tabs at the end of the fittings to release them you will hear them click when they release. After they release just pull the hose. From the inside if you can get to the tubes you can just cut them off with a hack saw since the core is already leaking then pull the hoses out with the tubes for acess to release the tabs. The blower should not interfere, Al
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