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Dieseljunky2, Ford Mechanic
Category: Ford
Satisfied Customers: 3947
Experience:  ASE Certified, Ford Certified, Cummins Certified, & 20+ years in field experience
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1996 2.0 L zetec engine idles..Drops..rpm..back down..throttle

Customer Question

1996 2.0 L zetec engine idles too fast..

Starts Cold around 1100, then Drops to about raspy 650, then after warm, creeps Up to about 1700, rpm is slow to settle back down after pressing throttle..

Timing belt is New, w/crank to cam setting correct:
@2nd mark of crank on pan line, and flat cam slots even & level & flush w/head...
(we tripple checked this)
MAP is new, all other sensors checked.. has no error codes..
filters clean, fresh 10-30 oil, IAC, egr checked ok, vaccuum lines tested -ok.
starts on 1st tick each time, no fluid leaks,
Runs fine on local road test trips here, except for fast idle problem..
vaccuum steady @20, engine has 59000, temp= 186 after warmup..
TPS reads 18% (.9v) at idle.
timing seems fast, reports about 31 deg @ idle, can't find reason foir this..
- we can't find anything else to check.. - have rechecked many things.

Q where can i take this to get it fixed, (reasonable) here in Fresno, Ca.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Dieseljunky2 replied 6 years ago.

Dieseljunky2 : Hello, this sounds like a bad pcv hose. These are known to crack where they hook on the intake manifold and cause high idle and driveability issues. Even though the vaccum cheecks good with a gauge, the smallest leak in the pcv hose will cause a very high idle. Let me know if this has been replaced yet? Thanks

hose is metal, not replaced, but inspected all around egr valve when it was cleaned & pcv valve was cleaned/ checked.


egr valve vaccuum checked, - is good


get a slower idle at startup, rises only after warm

Dieseljunky2 : The pcv valve hose is not metal, the egr valve tube is metal. The pcv hose goes around the back of the engine and attaches near the throttle body.

ok, will check on that, had some help in that area, not sure of that work, cantr remember hand help is at his job rite nowe


sorri,, the help i had is at wok now, so cant check, i have 2 books here hayden and chilton so have data,

Dieseljunky2 : Ok, here is a picture of the setup. The ends of teh tube #1 in the picture are what get soft and crack. Check those very closely. Let me know. Thanks
Expert:  Dieseljunky2 replied 6 years ago.