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Ford Fusion Why do windows and sunroof open when car is shut

Resolved Question:

Why do windows and sunroof open when car is shut off
Submitted: 6 years ago via
Category: Ford
Expert:  snapontech replied 6 years ago.
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The way this vehicle is setup once the key is off and the door is opened the windows should not be accessible without putting the key into the accessory position or in the on position. This can be a glitch in the module for the windows which just needs to be reset. This vehicle has a computer which controls this. I would contact the local dealership as this is abnormal and they should run diagnostics on it just to be sure its just a glitch in the system. If they are unable to fix it by resetting they will check the complete system and will replace the faulty part or upgrade the firmware. This should be covered under your new vehicles warranty without a problem.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How often will this occur?
Expert:  snapontech replied 6 years ago.
This should not happen but on newer vehicles I have seen it happen a small amount and normally its a computer glitch that causes the troubles. Seems like through travel to the dealerships and not having anybody driving it causes this to happen. Normally after it gets a driver it wakes up the computer systems allowing them to work as they should. But sometimes rebooting the system or firmware updates are necessary nothing that should not be able to be resolved with a short visit to the nearest ford dealership.

Thanks for the ACCEPT have a great evening

snapontech and 8 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you