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Ford explorer: starter..they toll me the problem is the key chip

Customer Question

I have problems with the key chip, my Ford explorer 2004 is burning the key chip 3 times. One day at mornig I try to start but the starter work but no start the car, I lock the switch and try again but noting happend. I went to the dealer and they toll me the problem is the key chip. They give me a new key, the key work for 1 week after that I had the same problem, the dealer change again the key and work, 2 week after that I have again the problem,thekey is not working. 3 time the car burns the key. Can you help me with this problem. How can I fix this problem.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  SuperBob replied 5 years ago.

The 2004, 2005 explorer/ mountaineer vehicle had a problem with the programming in the pcm that would cause this symptom after a cold soak, the correction is in a revised program for the pcm, I have attached the technical service bulletin below for you to print out and bring to the dealer to have them perform the update. If this does not correct the condition, which I think it will! You could potentially have a problem with the component that reads the chip in the key, it is known as a transponder and can also cause the same symptom as a bad key! This however would require specific diagnostic tests with the same ford scan tool that will be performing the update! Ask the service writer that writes you up for the update to also check for any stored (PATS) passive anti theft codes before the update is done as the update will erase any stored codes.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.

When I have this problem I can't starting again untill the dealer give me a new key because th chips was damaged in the key

Expert:  SuperBob replied 5 years ago.
It is not very common for the chip to become damaged! and to have three in a row in such a short amount of time is next to impossible, You will need have them do this reprogram and if it does not correct the problem, they will need to do more invasive testing with the PATS system and key transponder on the ignition switch!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Last question,

The first time that I had the problem I change the PCM and the transponder because a mechanic check with a computer and toll me the PCM is damagae and the transponder to. I bougth the PCM used on ebay, with the same part number.

What do you think, I need to buy a new one, and if i buy a new one this will come with this upgrade. I'm thinking buy in Autozone because is more cheaper than dealer.

Expert:  SuperBob replied 5 years ago.
No, I do not think that you need a new pcm, and it is unlikely that an aftermarket pcm will have the updated program that you need! If you have also replaced the transponder around the ignition cylinder, the only thing left is this program! As you have purchased new keys from the dealer and the problem still exists, I would tell them look I have paid you to fix this and it is still doing it, and ask them to perform this update, they are likely to do it for free, I know my service manager would have done for you at no charge!