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2000 Ford Excursion: Module..Theft..The truck starts fine & runs fine

Customer Question

How can I unplug the PATS Module on my 2000 Ford Excursion? I have a flashing "Theft" light that will not stop flashing - even with the key out. The truck starts fine & runs fine. When running, the theft light does not flash, but as soon as the truck is turned off it starts flashing again. I just want to completely disable the whole PATS system. What wires would I unplug?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Mat replied 6 years ago.
Hi I would like to help you out. The pats sytem can not be removed, unplugged or altered in any way. The vehicle will not start if the system is tampered with. The actual pats is intergrated into the pcm and IC. So there is no way to disable it. By removing wires the module wont recieve the pats signal from the transponder and will not start. A slow flashing pats light when the truck is off is normal, this will not drain the battery or cause any issues as its working the way it was designed to.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, I have had the slow flashing theft light for the last year, and it has just wiped out two new batteries that were installed last July. How can I get this light to stop flashing??? In testing it, it gives me a drain of 0.8 amps, and the truck does not get used that much.... so, when I go to start it, I have dead batteries. Why do you say that a slow flashing pats light when the truck is off is normal??
Expert:  Mat replied 6 years ago.
Light should flash every one or two seconds. this is normal. A fast or rapid flashing light would indicate a pats failure in the key transponder, transmitter or module. Can you tell me how you diagnosed a .8amp draw in the pats light?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

So everyone that drives a 2000 Excursion has a "Theft" light flashing in their truck when it is parked?? That doesnt sound right?? The 0.8amp draw was determined by the AAA battery service guy that came out to my truck last night... He ran a bunch of tests using his computerized equipment, and one of the tests was to determine the trucks battery draw at rest - with the hood down and everything else turned off. What is the typical Excursion battery amp draw at rest??

Expert:  Mat replied 6 years ago.
Completly normal for all FORD, LINCOLN, and MERCURY vehicle that have pats system dating back to 1996 when the pats system was introduced. A battery draw is expected to be less than .050 milliamps. In order to do a proper battery draw test the hood has to be up. (light unpluged), negative cable disconnected and dvom installed in series. Now since this vehicle has mulitple modules the vehicle needs to sit untouched for a min of 45 minutes to let the keep alive modules power down. Then the parasitic draw tests begins, if draw is high you then remove fuses one a time in order to find the affected circuit. Once the fuse is pulled that is causing the draw then the circuit and possible components can be identified. AAA is a good company that provides jump starts etc, but those guys aren't technicians and dont have the diagnostic knowledge to diagnose a vehicle draw. Sorry. Most of those guys started as mechanics and couldn't make it so they jump start vehicles and change flat tires for a living. A true draw test will take a few hours. Since his draw test was probally quick the .8 amp test results are most likely inaccurate. The vehicle needs to go to a ford dealer, or a reliable electronics techniician to find the draw if you suspect one. How long is the vehicle siitting when the battery goes dead?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Roger - the guy didnt seem to know too much.... Anyway - getting back to my orig question - how can I disconnect the Theft light?? This truck can sit for a month between uses, and then I have problems starting truck.... Are you saying that the Theft light is a 0.050 milliamps draw? I would think that this flashing light is contributing to my battery problem, and I would like to disconnect it.... I did read the following online


"The "theft" light can be disabled by unplugging the green or red connector on the PATS module which is located above and to the right of the accelerator pedal assembly"


Does this sound right, and would it work?? If so, is this a wire that can just be pulled??

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Are you going to answer my last question??
Expert:  Mat replied 6 years ago.

The total draw for the entire truck is .050 milliamps, the theft light should be drawing about .0002 amps, well under spec. if the flashing light was your draw then every for vehicle built since 1996 would have a dead battery, seriously all pats systems have a flashing theft light with the vehicle off. Your just seeing and electrical ouput in action and assuming thats the draw, its not, something else is drawing down the battery, Was the battery load tested? What it the age of the battery? try removing fuse #2 5amp fuse from the central junction box. (inside fuse box) this will delete the power from the lamp only, by unpluging a connector from the module you will be affecting more than just the light. If removing the fuse allows the light to go out and the truck to start I would recommend leaving the fuse out and letting the truck for the normal amount of days to see if the battery goes dead again.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well I just went and bought two brand new Sears Diehard Group 65 P-2 Platinum AGM batteries (thier top of the line) this morning, to replace the cheapo AAA batteries I bought new from them just last July... AAA did not cover the warranty on my batteries, which I found upsetting... I guess I will just see how these new batteries hold up... I think your right, the little flashing light doesnt seem to draw much at all - I probably have some other electronic gremlins running around in the truck somewhere... If these batteries die, then I guess I will take truck to Ford dealership to find the real root of the draw. Thanks for you help!! Scott
Expert:  Mat replied 6 years ago.
No problem, good luck, thanks