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Ford Escort ZX2 I took the old ccrm assembly out (due to loss

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I took the old ccrm assembly out (due to loss of AC upon acceleration >50mph) and that number was
Serv P/N F*CF-12B577-BC and had a big letter Z on side of it.

I purchased a new ccrm from ford parts and he gave me a part that he cross referenced with my VIN # XXXXX
and that number was 34SZ12B577-AA with a letter Q on side.

He claims this is the correct part but when i placed it in the ac barely works and even the old part put out more cold air at low speeds and i think there is a problem? i am sure now i won't be able to return it but i feel the part is incorrect. can you assist me in this?

Hi there


In the past the Ford parts guy aways gave me the wrong CCRM, it not there fault , its the parts catalog ,, so I learned to pull the old one out so they can cross the number over and I would get the correct part .. so you have done this ,, and you probly have the correct CCRM ..


but when a CCRM goes bad on these units, or if the parts guy gave you the wrong CCRM ,, it will not turn the a/c compressor on at ALL,,, never ,,, no a/c at all at anytime


so maybe your problem is not the CCRM ,, but something else..


so can you in detail tell me what the a/c system is doing ,, like


when you turn the a/c on ,, does the a/c clutch come on and off ,, does it cycle fast at idol on high blower ,, or on for 20 seconds then off for 20 seconds ,,


how much freon is in the system ??


does the cooling fans come on ,???


if you have a set of gauges on the a/c system ,what is the high psi and the low psi , normale is about low 30 psi and high 200-230 psi .. at idol low to mid blower speed


we can go back and forth on this page



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

ok the old ccrm had good cold air and blowers seemed to work fine except when going over 50mph. the new ccrm turns on the fans but does not blow out a strong cold air, kind of weak like, but is cold.

my next task will be to recharge with r134a and see if that changes anything but i thought since i was getting cold air previously that it was fine. i will have to do this later as the car is at home now. but can i email you back tomorrow with that response? i did notice that when driving home yesterday at 70mph the blower fans did not put out a high blow so could there be a fuse or something else needed? also i noticed the switch does not have any differential between reg ac and max ac.

ok, the CCRM has nothing to do with how hard the blower fan blows at 70 mph or any other speed ,,, the CCRM controls the a/c compressor on and off.. thats it ,,


so your blower motor does not blow that hard at 70 mph,, this is a odd compliant. but you also said there is no difference between max a/c and normale a/c ..


when you are on normale a/c you are switching a door behind the glove box to take outside air into the car and then you cool it off


when you are on MAX a/c you switch this same door to take inside air inside the car and cool it off ,,,


so you are switching the intake of air from outside to inside air to cool off,, a lot of times when on MAX a/c , useing the inside air of the car ,, the intake for this can act like a vacuum cleaner and suck up things,, like loose papers , plastic bags ,, etc .. and then you get poor air flow out the vents ,,,


so you may want to open the glove box door , and there should be two tabs on the back of the door you can pull inward so you can lower the glove box door all the way down and then you can see the intake air vent and the door that switches from outside air to inside air ,, make sure the door is moving when you switch from MAX to normale a/c and make sure there is no paper , or plastic bag clogging up the intake for air .



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok i just took another drive in the car and discovered that there is something not right still. the old processor allowed me to drive on regular streets and gave me ice cold air up until i got on highway or above 50mph...then quit blowing cold air. now the new one is allowing cold air (not ice cold now) to come out but when i stopped the car to drop off some papers and came back to the car it was horribly hot inside the car. almost like a complete reversal of the origina; problem. am i imagining this because i checked the r134a level and according to the cheapy little gage i have it shows normal on coolant. and i did check that there were no papers or plasrtic inside the intake valves and they were free of obstruction. i did not pay much attention when my dad was plugging in the ccrm but is it possible to have them switched around? can you possible plug it in upside down? i didnt think this too likely since it is like a computer but you never what should i do next?

no, you cant plug them in upside down ,,


do you have a temp gauge on the gauge cluster , when the a/c starts to blow cool or hot ,, does the temp gauge go up ,, is the engine getting hot ,, ?????



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

ok, you called that one right, the temp gauge creeps up in to the warmer region as soon as the car has been running a bit.


i started the car this morning and drove it about 1.5miles and the gauge was almost halfway into the hot region. when i turned the car on the air in the ac was cool but that was when the selector button is on ac direction flow area, not on the button where it brings in outside air...i didnt have car on long enough this morning (got to work) to tell anything else.

ok , so you have a cooling system problem , causing the a/c to blow warm


so make sure the cooling fans come on when the a/c is on


make sure the radiator and condensor do not have anything in front of it blocking air flow , like a bag or paper etc


make sure the coolant reservoir has coolant in it , if its low , look for leaks,


if the cooling fans are ok, the reservoir is full , then I would start with a t-stat and coolant change ,,


if this still does not cure the engine from being hot , then you may have a bad water pump ..



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

hi again...last time i will bother you, but something has happened....i got in the car this morning and the ac seems to have started working now...while the switch is on the inside air buttons...and while i am driving either at 30mph or 67-70mph so i am weirded out


yesterday when i was getting out to go inside apt, i decided to check around the engine and look at the fuses...i opened the fuse box under hood and pulled out the fuse that said cooling (green 40 i think) but couldnt tell if it was burned out or not and then plugged it back you think that could have done something like make the circuit right or something? the coolant levels all looked ok... so i am exploring my options i do think i need more freon but it isn't bad right now...just drove freeway and tried the fans at different speed....when turning it to the outside air it did seem to not be as cool but that may be the freon (or r134a stuff) levels being low (or it being so frigging hot here in houston who knows)? and the temp gauge didn't go into the red area just about halfway in to the cool part...not any different than what i told you before, i never did see it go into red area but now i am not sure if what i saw yesterday earlier was really a temp fluctuation now.


any last thoughts on this? i do appreciate your help and you have certainly given me some more insight into the workings of the air system on the car so that is nice....thanks for your help....