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2005 ford taurus: warning light..trunk..and the dome light never shuts

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I have a 2005 ford taurus ses and the warning light for all 4 doors and trunk say ajar even though they are not and the dome light never shuts off. I have lubed up all the latches for the doors but that did nothing. what kind of problem is this?
Hello and welcome to!

There is a door switch that mounts to the bottom of the door latch inside the door. Sometimes it can 'stick' and cause what you describe. It's usually the drivers door but can really be any door.

You mentioned you lubed the latches but you need to use a thin lubricant.. a lightweight oil such as WD40 and spray the heck out of the latches liberally so that the oil can work its way down into the switches. Spray it down and close/open the door about 20 times. Repeat this about five or six times for each door. Don't be surprised if the oil drips out from the bottom of the door. Have some towels handy for this.

Usually this will work that switch loose.. if not you'll need to use a scanner to figure out which door is the culprit and take the door panel off, take the latch assembly out and replace the door switch.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there one master switch in one of the front doors? The warning lights shown are for all the doors and the trunk and they all started at the same time, its not just 1 door, it is all of them. Do I need to spray the back doors too? I did spray the piss out of the front doors with wd40. How long should I wait before it possibly works?
I'm pretty sure any door or the trunk makes the indicator light them all up. I'd give it several hours and try the WD40 again. If it doesn't work then one of the door switches is simply bad.

You'll need a scanner that can read from the Smart Junction Box (Sometimes called the body control module) to determine which door it thinks is open so you know you're working on the correct one.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I forgot to add that the automatic locks on the two front doors no longer work, the locks have to be manualy pressed down, but the automatic remote still locks the doors. does this make a difference or is it all tied into one thing?
I don't think it's related. You might simply have a bad master lock switch for that.

You can also remove the drivers door panel and unplug the door ajar switch. If it thinks the door is closed then that is the bad switch. If not then install a jumper wire (or a paper clip just be careful not to short it) across the two terminals at the connector. Now if it thinks the door is closed then replace that switch. If not then move on to the passenger door. It could technically be any of the four doors or possibly the switch at the latch in the trunk.

CLICK HERE for an illustration of the door ajar switch mounted on the latch assembly. It can be a pain to get to the connector inside the door.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I mentioned the auto locks on the doors because they stopped working at the same time all these warnings came on.

How bad do you think they will rape me if I have this fixed at a shop. Do you recommend anywhere?
The only way the two can be related is if some wiring broke inside the door (or where it goes from the door to inside the cab of the car), or if the Smart Junction Box is malfunctioning.

I will warn you, the SJB is several hundred dollars unless you can find a used unit cheap (it's basically the interior fuse box assembly).

If you have a wiring issue.. possibly a broken wire or a bad ground.. it just depends on how long it takes them to find it and how long it takes to fix it.

Repairs can range from $40-50 to.. well several hundred dollars.

The only place I can recommend is a Ford dealer. Most other shops aren't going to have the proper equipment to diagnose this system and will likely resort to "guessing" at things.. which is what you don't want to happen.
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