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John Crouch
John Crouch, Ford Mechanic
Category: Ford
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Experience:  22 years of Ford service, and Ford senior master certified in diesel, gasoline and hybrid vehicles
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96 f-250: powerstroke..wouldnt idm, new ecm, new cam sensor

Customer Question

i have a no start 96 f-250 powerstroke it was shut off at a store then wouldnt start i put a ,reman hpop, new idm, new ecm, new cam sensor, new baro and still nothing any suggestions???
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  John Crouch replied 6 years ago.
Hello and thank you for requesting me to answer your question. First I would check all fuses to see if the pcm fuse is blown. The 7.3 trucks were prone to the fuel heater element to short out and blow the fuse. To get it home if this has happened, just unplug the connector from the fuel filter housing and replace the blown fuse. If this is not the problem then hook up a scan tool and monitor the following pids to see what is off.

BATTERY VOLTAGE ....must be above 10.5. Volts when cranking.

RPM....must be above 140 while cranking over.

ICP.... must be a minimum of 350psi while cranking.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
where does the hpop get its oil from? i pulled the gauge in the head anthere was no oil in the tube
Expert:  John Crouch replied 6 years ago.
The resivoir is in front of the HPOP. Oil is pumped into it by the gearotor pump on the front of the crankshaft in the front cover just behind the harmonic balancer. If you look at the top plate of the resivoir, there is a allen screw on the top on the drivers side of the lid. take it out and stick the allen wrench in the hole and pull it out to see how much oil is on it. The level should be at least within 1 inch of the top. Check the engine dipstick and make sure that the engine oil level is good, if low it will starve the HPOP. If level is ok in the resivoir, then either the IPR is not working or the new pump most likely is defective.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
well its been awhile since ive asked a question but i still havnt been able to start this pickup i now have taken out the oil pressure gauge on the head and there is no oil in the jornal where does the hpop get its oil to send through here to open the injectors?? and ideas why it would be empty?? i switched the hpop off of my other pickup that is running and it still runs but this one still doesnt
Expert:  John Crouch replied 6 years ago.
the oil is picked up from the oil resivior that is just in front of the HPOP, there is a allen head screw to the right on top of it that you can remove to check the level of the oil in it. I have allwahys had to fill this before starting one after hpop replacement. the level should be within 1 inch of the top. usually if oil is not rhere, either the truck is low on oil, or the base gearotor oil pump has failed and stopped pumping oil.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i have engine oil pressure and filled the resivor when i replaced the hpop and still nothin also truck is full of oil and it has been changed since it was brokedown (just in case)
Expert:  John Crouch replied 6 years ago.
Did u swap the ipr with the pump when u swapped the hpop's? If u did what you will need to do now is block off the oil supply to each head 1 at a time and see if it starts. Most likely u have a oil leak inside one of fhe heads. You can pull off the valve covers and crank it over and see if u see oil pouring from one of the injectors. Most likely this is what is going on.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes i left the ipr on the pump it was on both times both valve covers off i have 1500 psi off the hpop with lines both blocked wih one line on the head i only have 200psi either head but did not see oil pouring from any injector
Expert:  John Crouch replied 6 years ago.
something does not sound correct, you should have 2500 to 3500 psi with pump dead headed. not only 1500. and usually only one head or the other will drop the pressure down when testing. they should have been changed allready, but look at the large plugs that are in the front and rear of the cylinder heads where the oil passages are, they were prone to leaking in the early powerstoke engines, they may be leaking and need to be replaced. I have not seen one leak in a long time but it is possible.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok my gauge was broken i fixed it now deadhead pressure is 3320 also i pulled all the injectors and put new o rings on them 3 on one side and 2 on the other were shot i have put it all back together and now it tries to hit when you first turn the key over then nothing if you continue cranking but it tries to hit every time within 2 seconds of cranking but will not start there is black smoke when it hits but clears if you continue cranking and there are no codes and all koeo test come back good any suggestions???
Expert:  John Crouch replied 6 years ago.

Did you fill the oil rails up before trying to start it? If they are dry it will take forever for it to fill the rails up and build up pressure. Monitor ICP when cranking and see what it hits. most likely there is a lot of air in there. Once you get it started, you will need to drive it down the road and make a dozen or so stop to 60 mph fast accelerations to get the air out of the system so it starts normally. let me know what you find.