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Ford Escape Ford Escape 2001 v6 Cylinder 5 misfire

Customer Question

Ford Escape 2001 v6 Cylinder 5 misfire - swapped coil with another cylinder the misfire stayed in cylinder 5. Outside of coil boot had oily residue when I swapped it. Later I changed the spark plugs and found no oily residue on the coil boot that I had moved to cylinder 5 and the car had been driven about 50 miles since the swap. When changing the spark plugs the old ones appeared okay for 85k miles, the one in cylinder 5 didn't look fouled. I disconnected the coil in 5 to see how it affected how the engine ran and it did run much rougher so it is firing most of the time. Before I changed the spark plugs I checked the inside of the #5 spark plug chamber for oil and found none. OBD II code is only the P0305.


Also when driving at cruising speed it seems to run smoother, but when idling at a stop light you can easily feel the misfire when it happens.  When idling in park or neutral it doesn't seem to misfire.  It also seems to misfire more when accelerating from a stop.


Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Chris (aka- Moose) replied 6 years ago.

Hello, I'm Chris.
I will do my best to answer your question fast and accurate using the info you have provided. Thanks for visiting Just Answer.


You really need the use of a good scan tool and oscilloscope which can watch the coil and fuel injector signal from the computer to see if the computer is consistently pulsing the ground signal to both and not showing a hiccup meaning a new PCM is needed. If it tests fine then suspect a wiring issue from the computer to the coil or injector or a faulty injector. If it still persists then a cylinder compression test on that complete head needs to be done to see if #5 is low.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

So what should I expect to pay a mechanic just to run an oscilliscope on my engine? If it is a compression issue would that mean oil is leaking in that cylinder? I'm pretty confident it's not the coil since I swapped it with another and the problem stayed in cylinder 5.


Does the behavior of the engine running rougher at idle and accelerating from a stop indicate it's more likely a compression issue or is it just easier to feel misfires in those situations vs. cruising or idling in park or neutral?

Expert:  Chris (aka- Moose) replied 6 years ago.

It is easier to feel a miss at idle when the engine is turning much slower.


A dealership like mine would charge est 85$ for one hour of diagnostics.


Low compression means damaged cylinder walls or piston rings or a valve issue not fully closing.