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97 ford f250: rebuild..i put in reverse it driving it

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i want to rebuild a 97 ford f250 - 7.3 engine transmission, because when i put in reverse it stall when engine is hot, and it is shifting hard when i'm driving it. what are all the parts that i have to change.
Welcome to just I'm here to help you and your 100% satisfaction is my goal.Very possibly there is a faulty tourque convertor or a bad injector control presure regulator . Using a scan tool tell me what the injector control presure is when the truck starts to run badly , also is there any trouble codes stored in the memory of the pcm?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
well at first the transmission start to shifting hard when i was driving it, but it was still running, after the months of use with this problem,when i put in reverse engine was making a weir noise, and turn off, so i thought the trasnmission was bad and remove it with out use any scan to check any code, and got another transmission at the use auto part with the torque converter,this had the same problem, then someone put the scaner to check for any code, but no transmission codes, i return it, and they gave me anotherone, i install it with my original converter that my old transmission had, but istill the same problem.
Monitor Injection Control Pressure value in data and ICP voltage on the Dark Blue/Red at the sensor and duplicate concern. Minimum ICP pressure should read 450 PSI at around 0.8 volts on the signal wire and voltage will increase along with PSI to as high as 3.8 volts at 3,000 PSI. If voltage is erratic or drops out and ICP on the scanner increases to 2,400 PSI, replace the ICP sensor. NOTE: If any visible oil is noted at the sensor connector, the sensor is faulty and needs replacing
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