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1997 Ford Aspire: with 59,000 miles..Code says #2 spark plug misfire.

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I have a 1997 Ford Aspire with 59,000 miles 5 speed trans. Code says #2 spark plug misfire. plugs indicate #2 plug is a little different color than the rest. The following I've done, I also have a 1995 Aspire and have changed various items into the 97. installed new plugs,wires,crankshaft position sensor,new rotor,new cap,new fuel filter,checked and rechecked three times vacuum lines, used a noid light all appears good, replaced #2 fuel injector with a rebuilt one, changed fuel pump from 95 and distributor,and bought a used one off E-bay no change, compression 150 even in all cylinders, fuel pump press. 38, it also has good spark when wire held to valve cover. I usually can find problems but this one has me scratching my head any answers?
Hi, a miss fire code, does not necissarily mean the spark is the cause. The fact that the plug looks different, usually means there is a problem in the combustion chamber itself, such as a valve, piston, piston rings, or cylinder bore itself. I would first remove the valve cover, and inspect springs on #2 cylinder. If okay, with the valve cover off, perform a compression test, to see if #2 is lower than any other cylinder. If still okay, A cylinder leak down test, or removing head to have pressure checked will find the fault. Seems like ignition is okay, based on information given, and fuel should not be a problem, unless heavy clouds of smoke, along with no start/ hard starts happen. Sorry for my intrusive answer, but it is correct. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX me know if you need any more help regarding this question.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I did a compression test and all cylinders were 150, now that you mention it, it could be a worn cam and the valve isin't opening? Any other possibility?

Yes of course, a worn cam is possible. Lets remove the valve cover, and inspect, a worn cam is unlikely due to the roller rockers, but definetly possible. Check springs, and turn engine by hand with valve cover off while an assistant looks for anything weird. Hopefully just a valve train problem, thinking a bad spring or rocker.

A bad spring will not show on a compression test, unless you remove the valve in the compression tester, and test while running, watching the "stroke" of each cylinder.

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