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Ford Escape 2003 FORD ESCAPE IGNITION COIL. I had to replace

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2003 FORD ESCAPE IGNITION COIL. I had to replace 4 colis today and then they tell me that the left side cat. converter is ruined because of raw gas getting into it. They ahve quoted me $1,174.00 to replace it and have already warned me that the other 2 may also be bad and will ahve to be relaced for another $2,200. Is all of this reasonabal


is this a ford dealer? are they using ford catalytic converters?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes the work is being done at Ford dealership and they claim that they are using Ford parts!

We have seen this a few times. It does seem these cats go out easy when coils fail

we have used after market cats when not covered under federal emissions warranty coils are about 150 each and 3 hrs labor

Ironmike and 5 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you

you have 8 years and 80 k miles federal emissions warranty

if you are not covered(out on mileage) you can ask for after market catalytic converters or go to another shop.

After market coils go for 87$. I just replaced one on my wifes 03

I found the front cats(engine bank1 and bank 2) 450 each and the back cat 170$. Free shipping. They are not that hard to install and if the rear was damaged it is the cheapest to replace. bank1 near the fire wall is the most in labor, 4 hrs

thank you

we just had one and I think the customer did not realize the engine was misfiring and took out the cats. 6 months later she was back . We covered the first under federal warranty. the second we replaced a few coils and went after market

out of warranty we usually replace the cats after market because Ford is much more

Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Do you happen to remember where you got the aftermarket converters? What is the dealership going to say when I tell them that want I to use after market parts?

they should know about this. Dealer like to use their parts for the huge profit. If they do not want to repair it this way you can bring it to another shop. They might say they are not as good as Ford, they may be right but at this price difference many people can live with that. I do not remember where my shop got the parts but I know you or the dealer can order and many catalytic converter specialty business will deliver and shipping can be included. I just found some cheaper, discount catalytic converters off the internet.