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1997 Ford Taurus: a sudden the brake fluid is leaking..major repairs

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I have a 1997 Ford Taurus... Everything has been fine, now, all ove a sudden the brake fluid is leaking? Do i need any major repairs, or just the lines checked? is there any avaliable sealant for something like that?
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be assisting you with your question.

What area of the vehicle do you see the fluid leaking?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm not sure, but it is brake fluid... I was wondering if it could be something as maybe tightening some seals, or something else fairly minor.
Any time there is an external brake fluid leak, it means a part needs to be replaced. Can you tell me if the leak is coming from near a front or rear wheel? When it drips, is it near the right front or left front wheel? Near a rear wheel?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm not sure which wheel/axle... what needs replaced, whe whole brake line?
It could be coming from a front or rear brake hose, one of the front calipers, one of the rear wheel cylinders, or the master cylinder.

The most common place for these vehicles to leak brake fluid is at the rear wheel cylinders. I would look under the back of the car, behind the rear wheels and look at the bottom of the brake drums. If you see any fluid leakage at the bottom of the brake drums, the wheel cylinder is leaking on that wheel.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So do they just replce the cylinder and brake fluid, then it's ready to go? how much does this usually cost?
If it is a wheel cylinder leak, the wheel cylinders are $40-$50 each. Labor to install them is 1 hour per side, or about $90-$100 at most shops. Then they would just need to bleed the rear brakes which is included in the labor time. If you have to get both rear wheel cylinders replaced, $250-$300 total is about the worst case scenario.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

What happened, was after a sudden stop, next thing I know I had no fluid, so i got some at walmart, then ehrn I ggot done at the mall, it hadleaked out..


Can most shops find the leake fairly easy, then just replace the ccaliper or cylinder, and add fluid/bleed the brakes..

Yes. The fluid leak will be easy to find. It's just a matter of replacing the leaking component(s) and bleeding the brakes. The repair isn't all that involved, it is just very important to get it done ASAP for safety reasons.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your help... You should write like an automotive e-book, and have yet another income stream..
You're welcome. That's a good idea I'll think about the e-book thing :) I'll send you a free copy!
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