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Ford Explorer Sport Trac Brakes pulsate when stopping speed

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Brakes pulsate when stopping speed lower than 10mph. ABS light does not come on at all. No codes stored in system when Code Reader applied. If I disconnect power to ABS module the brakes work fine. any ideas???

Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX ill help you today it sounds like you have false abs activation if you do not have a scan tool that will give you live data you can try this.


drive so the abs activation occurs

let go of the steering wheel if it turns left replace the rf abs sensor

if it turns right replace the lf abs sensor

if the wheel stays straight it would be the rear sensor


these are just some quick test you can do but I still would hook it up to the proper scan tool to see what is going on Hope this helps you If it does please hit the accept button if not just ask further questions Jeff

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Lets try this again. The wheel pulled to the right when this problem occured so I replaced the left sensor . Now it doesn't pull but it makes a large noise on the left and the brake pedal goes down as I'm trying to stop. When the ABS is disconnected at the power the brakes work fine. any ideas on this? The ABS light never comes on with it hooked up and I had an expensive scan tool which didn't indicate a problem. Thanks in advance


it sounds like we are getting closer, both ft wheel sensors and the rear sensor needs to generate the exact same voltage, without a scan tool we can not see what they are generating, because one side is new it usually will generate more voltage because it is new. I would take the other side apart, remove the sensor without breaking it and clean the mating surface where the sensor mounts in the hub. some times rust builds up here and expands the air gap of the sensor causing lower voltage to be generated. I hope this works for you Jeff