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Ron, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  23 years with Ford specializing in drivability and electrical and AC. Ford certs and ASE Certs
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2002 Ford Focus: cam..I am looking for the Rod bearing..torque

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I have a 2002 Ford Focus 2.0 single cam automatic. I am looking for the
Rod bearing torque
main bearing torque
the head bolt torque and sequence
and the timing mark locactions
Can you help with this?
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Can you give me the 8th letter in your vin so I send the correct info?
Here is timing belt install instructions.

Cylinder head here

Here are the torque specs.

orque Specifications
Intake manifold nuts10+90 degrees10+90degrees89+90 degrees
Intake manifold bracket nuts and bolts10-89
Front engine accessory drive bracket bolts4735-
Front engine accessory drive bracket nuts4735-
A/C compressor bolts2518-
Upper generator bolts4835-
Lower generator bolt4835-
EGR valve to intake manifold2518-
EGR valve to EGR manifold tube2418-
EGR manifold tube to exhaust manifold6-53
Flexible exhaust pipe4735-
Exhaust manifold nuts2720-
Catalytic converter to exhaust manifold bolts4030-
Oil control plug, iB5 transmission3526-
Thermostat housing1310-
Starter motor to transaxle3526-
Lower transaxle flange bolts4735-
Upper transaxle flange bolts4735-
Left-hand transaxle flange bolts4735-
Engine roll restrictor to transaxle4835-
Engine roll restrictor to subframe4835-
Rear engine mounting to body4835-
Rear engine mounting (nut on transmission mounting bracket)13398-
Front engine mounting to engine8059
Front engine mounting to body4835-
Wheel nuts12894-
Suspension strut to body4835-
Lower suspension arm ball joint to spindle carrier4735
Power steering pump2317-
Power steering pump pulley4735-
Cylinder head bolts (refer to the procedure in this section) --
Timing belt tensioner2518-
Spark plugs1511-
Oil level indicator tube10-89
Valve cover bolts9-80
Ignition coil (EI) bracket to cylinder head10-89
Rocker arms2518-
Camshaft thrust plate bolts10 89
Camshaft pulley bolt10577-
Camshaft position sensor (CMP)2518-
Oil pressure switch1310-
Oil pump1310-
Oil pump tube10-89
Coolant pump2518-
Oil intake pipe to oil pump10-89
Main bearing bolts9973-
Rear crankshaft oil seal retainer2518-
Big end bearing cap nuts (stage 1)3828-
Intermediate shaft bracket4835-
Oil pan to crankcase2518-
Oil pan baffle2518-
Upper timing belt cover4835-
Lower timing belt cover10-89
Engine oil drain plug2518
Knock sensor2015-
Crankshaft position sensor6-53
Crankshaft pulley12089-
Battery tray2518
Here is head Bolts.

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