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2002 ford F250: new engine..dies..wont start..oil pressure pump, i ask

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i have a 2002 ford F250 diesel 7.3, i had a re-build engine install. the problem that it was hard to fire up when it was cold, now with the new engine its not also hard to start, but when it does fire up the engine will be on for 20 minutes and then it dies, and it wont start any more. i took it to the dealer and they said they had to start by changing the oil pressure pump, i ask if that will take care of the problem, but they said that will be just the start, and that was going to run $2,200 bucks...i have spend more than $8,000 already and the truck has not bean on the road for more than A year, please help with suggestions...thanks
Great question, although truck will not start, have you scanned for codes to see if any? Check with key on, right before starting position. This is the best place to start. Let me know.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the only code that the dealer said was that, something to do with the injectors ..but they check the injectors and they said they were fine...
thank you for that information. If possible, contact dealer to see what code is actually present. When you bought an engine was it a long block (no covers) or a complete engine (wil valve covers installed). Let me know what codes where retrieved, thinking it is a ipr or icp code, but want to know for sure to accuratly diagnose your problem.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

do you have a fax? or do you want me to type what the diagnose says/

Hi, not able to recieve faxes, emails or phone calls here, Just can help on sypmptoms, and information given. if codes are on diagnosis, please let me know, usually will

start with a "p" and end in four numbers such as a pxxxx or just four numbers such as xxxx.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i dont see any codes like what you described... all it says is that they did during injector self test injectors buzzed very low, however no IDM DTC present. pids=ICP presslow while ENG was cranking(speci 500psi min for engine to start) actual 183psi. IPR 64.7% close to build pressu. check HP pump res=full. check IPR=ok, dead head high press pump=Max output 2270psi9spe 3000psi) insp HP screen=clean REC HP OIL PUMP. soory i had to type it up but i really need help

Great information, if icp is as low as 183 during cranking, you do have a high pressure oil problem. Unfortunetly based on the data given, does sound like the high pressure oil pump has failed. MIght be worth it to replace the ipr first (controls pressure) and if willing to save truck, and pump has failed, should be replaced anyways. Not saying this will fix the concern, but could save you from purchasing a high pressure pump. If does not repair, shop was correct in recommending the pump.
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