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2001 Ford Ranger: my serpentine tight

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Regarding my 2001 Ford Ranger 3.0, why would my serpentine belt be squealing and there is no slack in the tension pulley? How do I adjust it so it's not so tight and so it doesn't screech anymore?

Hello I iwll help you with your question,


If you haven't replaced the tensioner yet it is the problem. The tensioner can bind inside so it is using all its force moving the piviot in the tensioner and not putting enough force on the belt.


Clean all belt dressing or oil off all the pulleys and install a new tensioner and double check the belt number for the correct application.


Let me know what I can do to help you with this


Thank you



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I replaced the tensioner pulley & the idler pulley. I was wondering if the tensioner pulley has different positions controlling the tension of the belt. It is way too tight. There is nothing on it. I got the right belt. I have had to change the belts & pulleys on this truck two times. It still screeches.

I have had to do this twice, so I want to know what I could be doing wrong. It's like the belt is too small, & I know I ordered the right belt each time.

Did you replace the tensioner assembly or the tensioner pulley?


There is only one position for the tensioner but it is possible to pull too hard on the tensioner when installing/removing the belt and this will crack the case leaving insufficient tension on the belt. A squeeling belt is a sign that the belt is too loose and is slipping or misaligned.


I don't know what brand of belt you are using but the Gates number is K060882 and your bbelt should have some variation of the 6 rib 882 length in the number.


Let me know about the tensioner


The belt routing is shown below so be sure it is routed correctly


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