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Ford Expedition EL Limited I have a 2011 Ford Expedition w/

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<p>I have found a manual online and am taking it to another Ford Dealer who tells me they can re-program it...Thanks. </p><p>I have a 2011 Ford Expedition w/ Remote Start (from factory / dealer installed) on their additional FOB. Below is what i sent Ford on 3 occassions...their answer...get with the Dealer. I get with the Dealer and they say...we can't get a good answer from Ford...CLASSIC!! How can I reprogam the remote start to keep the engine running when I open any door on the vehicle and only shut down if I depress the brake pedal without a key in the ignition and in the on position? To Ford: I just took delivery on a 2011 Expedition EL Limited w/ Remote Start...Love the truck, remote start is AWEFUL!! What happened? You get Remote Start, but you can only open the Driver's Door or it shuts down, put the key in the ignition and it shuts down...WHY? We have kids & that's why we paid $300 for the remote start. We use it to heat or cool the vehicle while we’re loading up the kids without the fear of someone jumping in the car and driving off. With the current set up / programming, we have to put the key in the ignition to keep it running while we load them up…hoping that nobody jumps in the drivers seat and takes off. We had a 2007 Exp EL w/ integrated alarm & remote start...worked perfectly. Remote start, unlock, open any door, kept running for 10 minutes and didn’t shut down unless you put your foot on the brake without having the key in the ignition. Unfortunately, that system wasn't adaptable to my 2011 or I would have kept that version. Can I change the programming to get the remote start to work the way it should? Worse yet, I convinced my parents to trade their '07 in on a 2011 as well...both of us are loving the 2011, but are very disappointed in the remote start changes…PLEASE HELP!!! Happy Ford Customer...Disappointed in the $300 spent for a worthless option, Chris Galvan</p>
Hello JACUSTOMER-9u35cg97

I am here to help you solve your concern. Was the remote start on your 2007 factory installed or dealer installed? In the mean time I will be checking our dealer connection for any updates or programing procedures.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The 2007 was dealer installed. It worked well, but because it was an alarm/remote start, I lost the functionality of the driver door unlock keypad. It was a ford product, but not truly integrated as I would have expected.

I received word back from 2 dealers that they have had "many" unhappy customers with this option...but are being told that there isn't a programming change. I've found some documentation on the "RMST" remote & and programming, but I don't have the balls to try it for frea of screwing something else up.

Hope that helps...

I looked in the service manual yesterday and could not find anything on a factory installed remote start. They are still only dealer installed except for the 2011 superduty diesel. There is plenty of discussion about the incompatibility with the mykey system. So I need to know if you have a separate remote for the starter or you are using the factory remote?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Correct...separate remote w/ my key.
Is it a ford remote and did the dealer install the system
because I have access to the dealer installed accessories site to find programing instructions
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes. I've found some programming instructions as well. I see the RMST type remote Option Bank 2 #7 is what I see needs to be flipped, but cannot get anyone to do this comfortably for me (dealers...of course)...think it's possible?
is your remote a single button or bi directional and is the truck equipped with sync system
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes...Navi w/ sync and single button fob for remote start.
ok last question is do you have the book it came with or can you see the module under the steering column to get the module part number. This will tell me if it a 100/200 or peps system and then I can review the programing procedures. However all three systems have a note that vehicles with mykey systems will shut down on door opening and to refer to the owners manual or the install manual for further instruction
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Eng p/n 7L2J-19G367-AA



OWNER'S MANUAL-4280223 - 7/09

Hope that helps!
so you have the system 100 and if you have the install manual it will tell you the same thing im looking at except mine is a 2/10 revision so yours is newer. there is a section on how to program but the 100 shows switch 7 being not used and still has the note about referring to the owners manual for the mykey section on how to work around the door open shut down
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

ok...owners manual for the truck or the remote start?


here is what i'm reading on other blogs...any truth to it?


The RMST module can be programmed not to shut down the engine when the door is opened. The only issue is that MY key will be overridden anytime the RMST Is used.

I recommed visiting the dealer. Unless you are versed in changing porgramming options in the RMST. It requires a listening to a series of horn honks and different inputs to change option banks and options.

But heres the info.

Also read someone else (not a wise one i'm assuming) who removed the door ajar wire and jumped the key in ignition jumper.


MyKey is not important to daughters are 18mo & 4 yrs...have a while!!!



so your remote start manual says bank 2 option 7 is door ajar input entry delay, if so follow the sequence and change the switch to on and forget about mykey
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