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2001 Ford Escape XLT: The airbag light..stays

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The airbag light on my 2001 Ford Escape XLT flashes when I turn the car on and then stays on after the car is running. What is the problem and how much does it cost to fix?

When the AirBag light flashes, this is simply an alert that means "AirBag Fault". When the AirBag light is on solid, it's telling you there is a problem in the one of the components of the AirBag system. Unfortunately, there are littereally dozens of parts/sensors in the AirBag system (anything from an impact sensor to a problem in the seat belts, and anything in between), and to take a "guess" just isn't very practical. Your best bet as this point is going to be to get the "codes" read from the on-board computer. You will need to find a shop with a scan-tool that can read AirBag codes, as most local "Free" scans and "personal" scanners do not read AirBag codes. Most shops charge around $40-$65 for this diagnostic, but, like I say, it's the only way to know what part/sensor has the fault, and will give you the starting point for the diagnosis of the problem.


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