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F350: it cost to replace 8 injectors..6.0 liter

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How much would it cost to replace 8 injectors on 06 f350 6.0 liter? The shop said 5 are bad and I should do all 8 while they are in there. Also I have a small leak coming from behind the fan on the seal of the front cover of the coolant housing?? How much for that repair?

Dieseljunky2 :

Hello, is the shop telling you that you have injector circuit codes for 5 injectors? Does your truck run like junk when first started and after it warms up it runs fine? On the oil leak are you referring to the front crankshaft oil seal (oil leaking)? Thanks

JACUSTOMER-yyjcgisz- : On the running issue yes that is what they said. On the other leak, it's coolant. It's running on ground black so I thought it was oil but it's getting black from old grime/oil on the way down. We can see the area the leak is and it is coolant. The shop said we should go ahead and do water pump as well since it will be off for gasket replacement. FYI 110000 miles
JACUSTOMER-yyjcgisz- : R u there? It says u are typing, just checking to see if this is working or if computer froze.
Dieseljunky2 :

You need to go to a shop that has the correct diagnostic tools. If you have more than 1 cylinder with injector circuit codes, then the problem is the FICM (fuel injection control module) not the injectors. This module makes for hard starting and rough running until the engine temp is up to operating temp then it runs as though it has no problems at all. This is verified with the codes it gives when scanned. P0611 means the FICM has failed internally and must be replaced. If you have more than 1 cylinder with injector circuit codes, this indicates the FICM is failing. If you have the P0611 with 1 cylinder circuit code, it means the FICM is bad. The labor for the front cover gasket is about 7 hours and $150 in parts. plus the cost of the water pump. Here is a little info on the FICM. Thanks

TSB 10-12-6




2003-2005 Excursion
2003-2007 F-Super Duty
2004-2010 E-350, E-450


Some 2003-2007 F-Super Duty, 2003-2005 Excursion and 2004-2010 E-Series vehicles equipped with a 6.0L engine may exhibit a runs rough, lacks power, hard start, no start concern with or without diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0611 code or various injector circuit codes. This concern may be caused by a DC-DC converter located in one half of the Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM) or by the main circuit board in the other half of the FICM.


Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.



FICM Information:

The FICM contains two major internal components, the main circuit board and a DC-DC converter. The DC-DC converter is the device that amplifies battery voltage to 48 volts to operate the injectors.

Low FICM supply voltage results in increased FICM operating loads, potentially damaging or shortening the life of the FICM.

For contribution codes without circuit codes, go to Powertrain Controls/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) pinpoint test P. Do not continue with this procedure.

Dieseljunky2 :

If you need to replace the FICM, the current cost is around $850 for the module and 3 hours labor to install and program. This can only be done at the dealer due to the programming after installing. Thanks

JACUSTOMER-yyjcgisz- : Ficm replaced at 94,000 when I took truck for same rough running at startup. That dealer mech told me that trucks over 90,000 had to get to operating temp before driving!! Obviously I haven't gone back to that idiot, but still have the same issue at startup. The mechanic that is now saying injectors is recommended so I feel inclined to trust at least some injectors may be bad, and explanation of doing 8 while they have it torn apart makes since to me. God idea?? What is estimated cost if I do 8 injectors?
Dieseljunky2 :

From the dealer, injectors run $300 each and about 6 hours labor to replace all 8. You can get the injectors from injector rebuilders for about $175 each if you call around. Thanks

JACUSTOMER-yyjcgisz- : To confirm, you saw my msg about the gasket being coolant? What is that part called? I will leave u alone now, thanks for the help
Dieseljunky2 :

Yes, the front of the engine has two gaskets, the water pump gasket and behind that is the whole front cover gasket. The labor and part price was for the front cover gasket which is coolant and oil both on the front cover. Thanks

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