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Ford F-150 XLT 4x4 i have a 1993 f150 xlt 4x4 5.8l and i get

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i have a 1993 f150 xlt 4x4 5.8l and i get between 8-10 mpg, what can i do to get better mpg?

Here is a list if things to check that can cause bad gas mileage.

Potential Causes:

Malfunctioning Fuel system. Fuel pressure too high or too low.
Leaky injector or fuel pressure regulator.
Bad or lazy Oxygen Sensor or sensors
Sensor Inputs.. Bad or Skewed Coolant temp sensor, mass air flow sensor, Map sensor, Throttle position sensor

Bad engine grounds

Transmission — Transmission shifting
Anything in the drive train. Bad calipers (hanging up), binding drive shaft or bad wheel bearings or even low tire pressure

Engine mechanical.. Valve timing off by timing chain or belt, restricted exhaust, low compression and or valve train problems... valve mot sealing properly, bent valves carboned up valves or motor
Engine Maintenance - Change your oil, spark plugs, and air filter regularly. And go to a repair shop if your "Check Engine" light comes on-a faulty oxygen sensor could be the cause, lowering your mileage significantly.
Engine Oil - Use the grade of motor oil recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. Motor oil that bears the American Petroleum Institutes "Energy Conserving" performance label contains friction-reducing additives that save gas by letting your engine work more easily.

Fuel/Intake System Restrictions - Dirty air filters, fuel filters, and fuel injectors make your engine work harder to generate the same amount of power at the wheels, thus wasting more of its own energy and reducing mileage. This is probably the most common cause of gradual fuel economy loss because, unless the problem is severe, computer controls can usually compensate such that the average driver doesn't notice any issues. This is why it's important to stick to maintenance schedules, even if it seems unnecessary at the time.

Low tire pressure allows a greater portion of the tire tread to contact the road, increasing friction and sapping power (it also causes accelerated and abnormal tire wear). Wheel alignment problems cause similar issues by forcing tires to "drag" across the pavement to some degree, rather than roll smoothly. Less commonly, malfunctioning braking or all-wheel drive systems can cause additional drag at one or more wheels, wasting power.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
when i did the plugs, the old ones were whitish. i was told the fuel mixture was lean, would that hurt my mpg also?so would that fall under the fuel system malfunctioning.
YES and YES!

If the engine is running lean and if the fuel pressure checks out ok, check things like the MAP or MASS AIR FLOW sensor and the engine coolant temp sensor and even the tps.

Also, don't forget about the oxygen sensor.

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