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2005 Ford Expedition: Ltr..fuel pump pressure..the test valve located

Resolved Question:

2005 Ford Expedition 5.4 Ltr 3Vlv Engine. Where and how do I measure the fuel pump pressure? Where is the test valve located? What is the normal pressure level?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Randall C replied 6 years ago.
Hello, not all of these engines in that year had the test port. You have to look from one end of the fuel rail around to the other. You are looking for a fitting that looks like the stem for your tire. it could? still even have a plastic cap on it.

If you do NOT have the test port, the only way to test is with special fuel pressure tester equip. and you undo the high pressure line at the rail and the kit inserts as a T fitting then to a guage. The specs are:

key on, engine off 35-45 psi
Engine running: 28-45 psi


On some applications there is a pressure test point with a Schrader fitting in the fuel rail that relieves the fuel pressure and measures the fuel injector supply pressure for repair and diagnostic procedures. Before repairing or testing the fuel system, read any WARNING, CAUTION, and HANDLING information. On vehicles not equipped with a Schrader valve, use the Rotunda Fuel Pressure Test Kit #134-R0087 or equivalent.

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